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Dear Mr Blair, I am writing to you about the government's policies on euthanasia.

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Mr P. Archer 10 Priory Road Loughton Essex IG10 1AF Thursday, 31 October 2002 Dear Mr Blair, I am writing to you about the government's policies on euthanasia. As you know, this is one of the most debated issues being argued nowadays. What is sometimes called mercy killing is the act of purposely forcing or helping someone to die instead of letting nature take its course. Euthanasia is compassionate killing. Legally euthanasia can be voluntary, passive or positive. The first means a request by the dying patient or a legal representative. The second means doing nothing to prevent death and the latter involves taking deliberate action to cause death. Euthanasia at the moment is illegal everywhere in the world, with the exception of the American state of Oregon where fatal drugs may be prescribed for the specific purpose of euthanasia I believe that every person should have the right to live or die. ...read more.


This is because it is an individual act against them whereas euthanasia is not. Euthanasia is someone else doing the killing for you. Many people may argue that a miraculous recovery is possible and this has happened in the past. However euthanasia is only needed for those whose pain is not and will never be relieved with any form of care and whose pain and lack of dignity is unbearable. Would life not be intolerable for a person with a condition that leaves the person mentally alert but gradually shuts down all of their other functions, skills of communicating? I believe these people's family or legal representatives should have the choice and if the decision can be made by them then the option should be available. If there was to be a law to allow a person to help some one die like this, there would have to be strict rules, which involved the patient having knowledge ...read more.


I would follow their wishes immediately as I would not want them to suffer. If a pet is dying and was in pain most people would take them to the vet to be put down. Human life is more important and should not be dealt with in a different way, in more consideration. In my view it is similar to how one would treat a pet with the addition of the person's consent being possibly available. The pet is allowed to die without much pain but with great dignity, why can't a humans? Which is better this or allowing someone suffer a prolonged and painful life? When the government open up their eyes to euthanasia as a dignified and painless option to die for those who cannot do it themselves there will be a lot of debate. I hope what I have said is taken into consideration and hopefully one day the laws on euthanasia will be changed. Yours sincerely Paul Archer ...read more.

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