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Dear Mr Tony Blair, I am writing to you to support the pledge to make poverty history, and forget the dept to third world countries

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Persuasive letter Meghann Thorp 19 Sandringham Close Winsford Cheshire CW7 2RT June 05 Tony Blair 10 Downing Street London England Dear Mr Tony Blair, I am writing to you to support the pledge to make poverty history, and forget the dept to third world countries. As a result to extreme poverty, a person dies every three seconds. The gap between the world's rich and poor has never been wider. Malnutrition, AIDS, conflict and literacy are a daily reality for millions. This can be stopped now. The G8 meeting in Edinburgh can achieve the promise made in 2002 to third world countries to half poverty by 2015. ...read more.


Half the worlds' population lives on less than $2 a day. If poor countries are banned from supporting farming and industry, then how can they have any proper go at life in general? USA and Europe can do this though. Another of the three problems that contributes to third world countries is aid. Without the funding that is needed, a person dies every three seconds, 30000 innocent children die needlessly due to extreme poverty every day and a child dies every 15 seconds due to a water related disease. If the UK met the 0.7% target by 2008, an extra 1.5 million people could be lifted out of poverty each year. If medical aid is available, the 8 million lives could be saved each year. ...read more.


Rich countries of the world don't particularly NEED this money back. The African need it far more than we do. Why can't everyone be treated equally? If this was a crisis in our country, then we would be out of it and helped by now. Many are relying on the help of others, as they do not have any of their own left. All the Africans need is a fair go at life, please don't take it away from those who are still alive. I certainly know that if I could control the situation that life would automatically be made better for those living in a third world country. Do you know exactly how much faith these people have in us? We can't let them down. Yours sincerely, Meghann Thorp ...read more.

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