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"Death is God's business and people should not interfere"

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Religion And Medical Ethics Section C "Death is God's business and people should not interfere" I agree with this statement because death and life is in God's hands and no one can interfere. Death is the end of a person's or animal's life. The basic premise of all Qur'anic teaching concerning death is Allah's omnipotence: He creates human beings, determines their life span, and causes them to die. The Qur'an states: "Some will die early, while others are made to live to a miserable old age, when all that they once knew they shall know no more (Surah 22:5). ABORTION Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the infant can survive outside the uterus. The age at which a fetus is considered viable has not been completely agreed upon. Many obstetricians use either 21 weeks or 400-500 grams (0.9-1.1 pounds) birth weight as the baseline between abortion and premature delivery, because few infants have survived when they weighed less than 500 grams at birth or when the pregnancy was of less than 21 weeks' duration. Generally speaking, the fetus has almost no chance of living if it weighs less than 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds) ...read more.


Because there is no specific provision for it in most legal systems, it is accounted either suicide (if performed by the patient himself) or murder (if performed by another). A physician may, however, lawfully decide not to prolong life where there is extreme suffering; and he may administer drugs to relieve pain, even though he knows that this may shorten the patient's life. In the late 20th century, several European countries had special provisions in their criminal codes for lenient sentencing and the consideration of extenuating circumstances in prosecutions for euthanasia. Islam is totally opposed to euthanasia and suicide. The Qu'ran says that Allah created all life and everything belongs to him: "To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He pleases. (Surah 42:49)" Life is sacred and people are forbidden to kill themselves: "Destroy not yourselves. Surely Allah is ever merciful to you. (Surah 4:29)" Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said that people who committed suicide would go to hell. If people are suffering badly they should ask Allah for help: "O ye who believe, seek help with patient perseverance and Prayer; surely Allah is with those who patiently persevere. ...read more.


(Humanist Dipper) 'We have been created by Almighty God in his own image and likeness. No pregnancy is unplanned because no baby can be conceived unless Almighty God intends that conception and has willed that particular unique and completely individual new person into existence. What has actually happened in our society is that clever arguments have convinced those with no anchor of belief in God to cling to, merciless slaughter of unborn babies is morally justifiable, and even essential for the happiness of the individual and the good of society.' (Catholic Truth Society) 'The Anglican view on abortion is that although the foetus is to be specially respected and protected, nonetheless the life of the foetus is not absolutely sacrosanct if it endangers the life of its mother.' (Church of England report, 1984) 'Abortion should be available on request.' (Humanists) 'Abortion is a sin in all cases.' (The Catholic Church) 'Abortion in certain cases is acceptable.' (The Protestant Church) Having considered the many points of view, I still maintain that both abortion and euthanasia are unacceptable. My Islamic beliefs support that life is sacred and only God can bestow it or end it. My quotations from the Qu'ran provide ample evidence that in the Islamic views, abortion and euthanasia can never be countenanced. ...read more.

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