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Death Penalty

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DEATH PENALTY The applied ethics issues of capital punishment involves deciding whether the execution of Criminals are ever justified, and for what crime should it be enforced? And can the murder of a Murderer is justified? On the other hand, much of the public and political support for capital punishment rests on its Presumed value as a general deterrent, we need the death penalty to encourage potential Murderers to avoid engaging in criminal homicide. Since the 1960's the death penalty has been abolished in the U.K. Much to the delight of the Radical group NDPB, they rioted against the death penalty for many years and their views were seen fundamental towards the abolishment of the death penalty. There is no other topic in the land that sparks as much passion and debate as it. I have found that one is either for or against the death penalty. On very rare occasion, I have found an individual that was undecided. Those who are undecided tend to lean towards the pro-capital punishment stance. Many will quote, 'The Bible says, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life." Various passages that declare that the law of God supports it. Further investigations of the Scriptures, though, reveal that Jesus did not condone such action. ...read more.


whilst the others are very high. Looking at this it doesn't work. A second direct attack on the practice of capital punishment is that at least at present it is virtually impossible to apply death sentenced fairly People on death row are typically poor and thus could not afford the best defence at their initial trial. They are also predominately Afro-American or Hispanic, which raises larger issues of racial inequality in the US. As ethnic minorities, they are also likely to receive more strict judgments from juries than their white counterparts who commit the same crime. These considerations recently prompted a US Supreme Court Justice to change his own views on capital punishment and reject the practice. In addition to problems of class bias, the practice of capital punishment is further tainted by the tragic fact that innocent people are sometimes executed. Eliminating capital punishment not only prevents their wrongful execution, but also gives them more time to clear their names and return to society. Past Cases: How can they be sure of executing the correct person? Britain Police and government recently have had egg on their faces about the Stephen downing case. He was forced into a confession when he was 17 about killer a woman. He only had a mental age of twelve and police took advantage of him. They have recently proved his innocents (See Appendix.2) Culture Can films about the death penalty influence people? ...read more.


But how can they say this when obviously the views of Islam are not only sensible and well thought of but are fair to both parties. This is more civilised that just killing someone because they have killed. As noted, most arguments against capital punishment are based on exposing flaws in defenses of capital punishment. However, some are more direct attacks, such as that capital punishment should be abolished since it is undignified, inhumane, or contrary to love. Corporal punishment, such as flogging, and extreme types of capital punishment, such as burning at the stake, are no longer accepted practices because of their indignity. By parity of reasoning, capital punishment should be abolished too. However, even if we grant that capital punishment violates our duty to treat people with dignity, humanity, and love that alone may not be a sufficient reason for abolishing the practice. Dignity, humanity and love are foundational moral goods and as such are important in nature. That is, they are each morally binding on face value until a stronger duty emerges with which it conflicts, thereby creating a moral dilemma. Defenders of capital punishment argue that retributive justice is one such conflicting duty. For, even though we are duty bound to acknowledge a criminal's dignity, the duty of retribution is also present and is in fact outweighs the other duties. ...read more.

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