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death penalty - agree/disagree

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There are two sides of the coin in relation to death penalty. In this essay I will analyse both the arguments for and against its use in modern society. Firstly we must consider points that are for death penalty. The main advantage of this punishment is that it is deterrent. This means that when someone kill other person and would be put to death penalty, other murders would be afraid about theirs lives and might not kill anyone again. Another good point of the death penalty is that it is cheaper. It is cheaper to put someone to death penalty than keep him in prison because the costs of living in prison are dearer as the prisoner has to eat something, he uses electricity etc. ...read more.


There is a chance that someone who has come out from the prison will kill again, but if someone is put to death penalty he has no chance to do something wrong again. Despite of these advantages of death penalty there are much more disadvantages found among people. Now I will try to show the main ones of them. Firstly death penalty is not deterrent. It relate mainly to U.S. and China where there is high rate of murders. Killers are so determined that they would not be afraid about their selves' lives when they see other killer that has been put to death penalty. Secondly every smart person knows that it is wrong to kill. I am a catholic who believe and practice the Moses' Law, namely Ten Commandments. ...read more.


Many people were protesting to let him be free. That was the mistake of the judge that he was killed. The last disadvantage is that there is no chance of rehabilitation. Killer could repent what he has done but he has no chance to show it, as he would be put to death penalty. To conclude I would like to say that in my opinion the death penalty is very bad punishment and I truly believe it should be abolished in whole world. I think this essay is enough prove that this punishment is very bad. I also hope that I persuaded you to think in the same way. We must ask ourselves, if a member of our family would be killed, would we like the killer to be put to death penalty? We also have to imagine situation, where a member of our family would kill someone. What would we like to be with this member? ...read more.

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