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Derek Bentley's Last Thoughts.

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Derek Bentley's Last Thoughts I don't believe this is happening to me! I have only one hour of my life left before my death sentence is carried out! None of this would have happened if I had not got involved with Chris Craig, and formed a friendship with him and his mates. They were a very bad influence on me. If I'd never met Chris, what would I be doing now? I'm outraged that I have received a much more serious, fatal sentence than Chris, who is serving only ten years in prison! Ten years only for murdering someone! It wasn't me who killed the cop, it was Chris! I never pulled the trigger! I'm completely innocent of murder! As a result of my friendship with Chris, I'm going to die in less than an hour's time. It's all because of him! I mean, I didn't even try to run off when I had the chance. For goodness sake, it was I in fact that helped the cops catch Chris. I never meant 'shoot the cop Chris!' when I said 'let him have it Chris!' I meant 'let the cop have the gun Chris!' ...read more.


What does he think of all this? Whether he is regretting everything? Whether he's thinking about me, and what I'm doing? And what about his family? His parents? Do they care as much about Chris as mine do for me? What do they think about me? Do they realise or even care that my sentence is unfair? Do they know and care that I'm dying because of him?! I do hope they realise that it should be Chris who is sentenced to death instead of me! It should be him being hung in less than forty minutes from now! I wouldn't want to be Chris. I'd prefer to be myself and die rather than be him. I would hate to live with a guilty conscience, knowing someone's dead because of a crime that I'd committed. I would simply hate to live a life like that! The clock's ticking fast. I'm living my last half hour. I'll certainly miss my family. I want to be with them now, and see them again. I'm more anxious about leaving them more than anything else. I'd do anything and give away every possession I have just so that I could live to see and be with my family. ...read more.


Mum, dad, please forgive me! God, please forgive my sins. I'm extremely remorseful for anything I have done that goes against your will. Oh God, they're here! I don't know what to do! They are getting me up. It's all happening too fast! It's very hard for me to think this, but I am in fact breathing my last few breaths now! I don't believe this is happening! NO! They are treating me very roughly. I wonder what was in that drink they gave me. It didn't taste nice at all. They're taking me somewhere. I can see the very last thing that will ever touch my throat. The guard just said it won't hurt. I'll take his word; at least it will clam me down a little. Daylight's gone. I shall never see light again. This is the last time I'll ever see the world. I'm in complete darkness now. This is it. I feel my legs tightening ever so hard. OUCH! Now I can hear the loud noises of chains rattling. This is the first time I'm actually feeling horrified since I was sentenced. I want to panic, but I cannot go anywhere. I want my mum. I want her to hug me one last time. I want to hold my family and kiss them all goodbye. I can hear my heart pounding violently. God save me! Goodbye Derek........... ...read more.

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