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Describe a Catholic Wedding Ceremony and the Ideals Expressed Within It.

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Describe a catholic wedding ceremony and the ideals expressed within it? Many people think that a wedding in a church is important so that the people getting married are under the eyes of God therefore because of its significance a lot of important vows and ideals are expressed. "The love of man and woman is made holy in the sacrament of marriage, and becomes the mirror of your everlasting love", (Preface of the wedding mass) this quote literally spell's out what the sacrament of marriage is for. Marriage is the final sacrament of a catholic person's life, but marriage can only be conceived in a church if one or both of the people receiving the sacrament of marriage has had in this order a baptism, first communion and is a confirmed catholic, then and only then can a marriage take place in the house of God, marriage is a solemn contract between a man and a woman who share love together. In the Roman Catholic religion marriage is very important this is because of the ideals which it consist of, these are as follows: Marriage is a sacrament this means that it is one of the seven signs by which the love of god is celebrated and shared with others. Marriage is indissoluble this means that it is a life long commitment and can not be broken, this is one of the ideals which the catholic church feel strongly about because it follows the teachings of Christ and the bible in which it clearly states that divorce and adultery is wrong. Therefore this leads me to the next ideal which is; Marriage is exclusive this means that the two partners are both faithful and do not have any sexual relationships with others. This ideal is very important in a marriage because it takes in to account the result of sexual relationships with others that could lead to lying and deceiving a partner, which could hurt, or breakdown a marriage, which is not accepted by the Catholic Church. ...read more.


Nevertheless there are other common problems in families today, which are equally important such as unable or not wanting to have children, sexual problems, illness, falling out of love and financial difficulties. These problems are usually associated with the permanent and life-giving ideals of catholic marriage. These issues may be harder for some couples to cope with than others. But in many cases it could be resolved through other means like for example if a couple do not want to have children they can use contraception such as condoms which are not supported by the Catholic Church. This may lead to Catholics finding themselves having to make tougher decisions than non-Catholics, as they may have to do certain things differently because of there beliefs. Overall I believe that in the world today Catholics may find it particularly hard to cope and resolve certain problems in a religious manner. My reason for saying this is that many Catholics are restricted to what they can do because of what the Catholic Church teaches. This leads me to believe that some of these restrictions may be hard to cope with for Catholics living in the secular society of today. Due to these restrictions and along with modern influences, this may be the reason why interest and popularity in the Catholic Church is decreasing. How do Catholics Respond to These Problems? "Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail" This quote from St Paul 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Cleary describes what love should be and puts into perspective the point of view that catholic couples should base their marriage on. This essay is about the way Catholics respond to the problems described in the previous essay and what sources the can turn to when in need of help. When Christians need help and guidance, one of the most reliable sources to turn to is the bible, the foundations of their whole religion. ...read more.


However these points may be argued because they may be biased towards the unborn child and many could state that by allowing abortion for one reason another would arise afterwards and then another etc. The Catholic Church bans artificial family planning methods. This is sometimes seen as a negative teaching from the Catholic Church because if a couple wants children and are finding it difficult to conceive they cannot use such artificial methods like IVF treatment because it contradicts catholic teachings. Nonetheless this is negative in some circumstances but when looked at in depth it is obvious that the reason for this teaching is that if the Catholic Church allows IVF it may lead to further treatments like genetic engineering, and this could lead to disorder among all humans. The Catholic Church also forbids artificial forms of contraception and sex before marriage because it. This teaching is maybe the most argued point between Catholics today. Reason being that sex before marriage is very hard to avoid in our secular society and if it is happening, the ban on contraception doesn't help. This point is very commonly regarded as negative and old fashion because with the developments of contraception, sex is now safer and easier to have without taking that many risks. Finally I believe that all of these teachings both have negative and positive sides to the argument. Some catholic teachings such as the one on parents duties towards their children do have a positive contribution to societies understanding of the family. Nonetheless some teachings like the ones on artificial contraception and family planning methods are out of date and need to be adapted or improved to help young Catholics, before they to become secularised as much of society. I also believe that the Catholic Church needs to improve and modernise their way of preaching as some of their teachings put many people in very awkward positions because often they are made to choose between catholic teachings and their needs. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nino Gomez Personal Relationships R.E. Course Work ...read more.

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