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Describe a visit to a Christian place of pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey on which people go to become closer to God. Pilgrimage

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Christians also see monuments and there are often tours around the Vatican. Throughout Easter and Christmas, the Pope makes a speech and an appearance � as I said earlier � and people gather together to worship Jesus and God. Pilgrims visit St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel where Michelangelo painted the ceiling. They are impressed and moved because all these buildings and creative paintings, etc. are made in the glory of God. Pilgrims visit St. Peter's tomb which can be an overwhelming experience as they are seeing the place where St. Peter � who is a Saint of high credit � is buried. One of the main attractions for any visitor to Rome is the Colosseum, one of the most interesting and well known monuments. This can be a great inspiration to Roman Catholic Christians, as when you go on pilgrimage you do not necessarily have to visit a place of religious significance to see the works of Christianity. ...read more.


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