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Describe, analyse and explain Christian teachings on wealth and poverty.

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Yr 11 Coursework A1 and A2 A1 Describe, analyse and explain Christian teachings on wealth and poverty. In the Bible there are many different references and teachings on wealth and poverty. Some tell us what we should do with our money, what money can do and also what we shouldn't do with our money. In Mark 10 it teaches us a lot about where money should be on our priority list. We're taught that money should always come after God and that he should be the top of your list, your main love and concern. We're told that it's impossible to serve two masters such as God and money and there'll always be one that you love more. Money can get in the way of your faith and your relationship with God; this is supported in the verse " It's more difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God than a poor man". This doesn't say that it's impossible for a rich man to get into heaven, which insinuates that it's not impossible for a rich man to have God has his main priority. ...read more.


In the Bible there are many references on money and wealth but the main teaching is the same. Money should not be your main priority, you shouldn't love it in any way, as if you love it, then it's more important than God. We are also taught that we should love our neighbour as ourselves, our neighbour is anyone who is in need. This is taught in the parable of the Good Samaritan. One way of loving our neighbour would to give to charity regularly; some would say to give away about 10% of what you have. However, we are meant to give to charity, but in private and to be boastful about it, plus what we give must be reflected on what we have. In the Bible there was an incident when the Pharisees were showing off to everybody showing the bags of money they were giving away even though it wouldn't even make a "dent in their wallets" so to speak, but when the old woman gave two coins and said nothing about it she had given so much more as it was all she had, and she was doing it to look good. ...read more.


If any country fits under this category then it's in desperate need of development. Development is focused on widening people's choices, making lives easier more enjoyable and prolonging life with no disease, pain and suffering. Development isn't all about making life enjoyable, yes that would be great if everyone actually got to sit back and enjoy their life, but it's just about making life liveable for those who can't see how it is. It's unfair how there are people in the world living in conditions that they do, which is another reason why development is needed so badly. Development is very important, and is needed in so many places. I feel that it's important that we help world development to occur as poverty is everyone's problem and we should care for those less fortunate then ourselves. After all, it's what we would want if we were in their shoes. I believe that when we help others e.g. giving up money to charity, we get rewarded in some way even if it's just a good feeling, so I don't think that developing other countries is just an advantage to the people living there, I also think that in some way we would benefit. Bethan Alliband ...read more.

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