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Describe analyse and explain the Christian teachings on wealth and poverty charitable giving and charity

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Religion, Wealth And Poverty A (i) Describe analyse and explain the Christian teachings on wealth and poverty charitable giving and charity. In the New Testament Jesus spoke a lot about how money and material achievement was no good as an achievement in itself and sometimes got quite sad and other times angry about how people got trapped by their success. Often the more people have, the less they want to share and that misses the point. Jesus says that at the end of the day all that we have is because, one way or the other, He gave it to us. We may have to work for it but it's there only because He made it. Jesus says that it's only right that we should share what we have got because He makes it available for us freely and we are only looking after it, it's never really ours and if we think otherwise, we are just kidding ourselves. Jesus tells us about the time He will come back to judge us and compares us to sheep and goats. ...read more.


All of this means that we shouldn't just give to people who are like us but that we will be happy to give to those who have a need, whatever their race, country or what they believe. Throughout the bible it refers to money, it explains the different meanings to wealth, and how humans should look after their riches. In Luke 12:13-21it explains that you should not gather up all your riches and keep them only for yourself. Especially if you are not rich in God's sight, because when you die your wealth in money does not have any meaning in heaven and if you are more worried about wealth in money then you will go to hell. Moreover in Timothy 6:10 it clarifies money is not evil; it is the people who use it. Money is a bad thing because when people have it they will always never be content. Additionally in Mark 10:17-22 it proclaims that the man thought he was holy and a very good man but in the end money meant more to him because when Jesus asked him to sell everything he couldn't do it. ...read more.


Poor people have been chosen to be poor by God so that they are duplicated to their faith. Don't judge others by their appearance so you can be free of prejudice and evil motives. In the bible it tells humans to help one another, this is shown in Mathew 25:31-46, people that help people who need help can go to heaven, however people that don't help people who need help go to eternal punishment. Individual churches have their own views on poverty and what should be done about it. The Baptist Union is in favor of programs which develop people. They believe that the development of poorer countries is hampered by unfair trading relationships enforced by richer countries. They are in favor of prayer to help the poor help themselves. The Church of England think that helping poor countries is important, they set up aid agencies and support groups to help them. The Methodist church thinks to help the relief of those in need, to ensure rehabilitation after natural or man-made disasters and to assist in fundamental development- so as to enable people to become responsible for their own future. ...read more.

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