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Describe, analyse and explain the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main TV channels.

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Describe, analyse and explain the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main TV channels. (BBC1/2, ITV1, C4) A specifically religious programme is one, which deals with religious and moral issues. There are different types of programmes including documentaries, worship, magazine and miscellaneous which consists of a mixture of the other types or doesn't fit neatly into any other category. Religious programmes are generally devoted to a Sunday because it is a holy day for Christians when they rest from work. Mostly Worship programmes as well as "The Heaven and Earth Show" coincide with Christians going to church and therefore the target audience is the vaguely religious or those who cannot go to church because they may be ill or with small children etc (impractical). All these programmes have a particular target audience of a certain age or religion because it is these people the programme is aimed at and will appeal most to. Many current issues are included as they can be linked to religion and are well placed for discussion and will interest more people. There is very low percentage of religious television on the four main channels and this may be because it does not attract many viewers and therefore is not broadcasted in the peak viewing time between 8-10 pm. ...read more.


The questions again focus on Christianity looking at how Toyah Wilcox's christening changed her life and how she had a relationship with God. This particular programme is largely made up of interview however there are programmes, which have a church service throughout. The programme is similar to Songs of Praise as it has both interviews with hymn singing. However 'Songs of Praise' does not have in depth interviews and looks at a greater range of religious related issues. Both 'Songs of Praise' and 'My Favourite Hymns' may attract people who are not religious as they may watch the programme because they might enjoy listening to hymns or like the religious spirit at the time of year e.g. Christmas. On the other hand, some people may not enjoy the programmes as they may be religious but the hymns may not be of their choice. They may be going to church and therefore miss the programmes because the target audience is those who are unable to go to church giving them a chance to watch and participate. Both programmes are aimed at Christians, as the majority of the population of the UK is Christian and therefore a greater audience. The BBC is meant to educate the nation and they may need to show programmes of other religions in order to give a greater variety of religious programmes on the channel. ...read more.


Different styles of wearing the Hijab are also shown. Jeremy Bowen who is a respected Middle East correspondent presents 'Moses'. 'Moses' questions whether the bible story of Moses is real, looking at historical evidence. Jeremy Bowen (as he is a news correspondent) has a reputation of giving the facts as they are, and not a biased view, therefore the programme would attract a wider audience. E.g. if a priest were to present the programme then people may not believe him as they might feel he is giving a biased view to support religion. Those interested in the archaeology of Egypt as well as Muslims, Christians, and Jews would be interested in the programme because it is a story in their holy book. Both programmes come in the peak viewing time of 8-9pm and 9-10pm because they will attract huge audiences. I think that religious programmes educate and inform their audiences as facts on different religions are given e.g. in Faith in Fashion. Religious programmes don't really entertain however interesting facts and discussions take place, which can entertain a range of audiences. I think that religious programmes don't make a difference to a person's faith because they look at the issues from a range of opinions and arguments. Sometimes a religious programme may make you fell closer to God because you can understand issues to a greater depth and take part in worship e.g. Hymns in Worship programmes. Anish Acharya A (i) Specifically Religious Programmes 12/1/03 ...read more.

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