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Describe and analyse the variety of specifically religious programmes on British terrestrial television.

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GCSE Religion & the Media 1. Describe and analyse the variety of specifically religious programmes on British terrestrial television. Answer 1 When television broadcasting began every channel had to broadcast a religious programme. This was normally on a Sunday between 10.30am-12pm (or 6-7pm). Church services and hymn singing was usually showed, which is now known as worship programmes (as they feature some sort of worship). The times that these programmes were on was called the 'God slot' - which means; the time dedicated to religious programmes. These programmes were all regarding the Christian faith, due to the majority of Christians in the country. At first, the strictly Christian would watch the religious programmes, but over many years, these programmes became less popular. One of the many reasons for this was David Kremer - the programme editor for BBC religious broadcasting, who noticed that the country had become vaguely religious. The term 'vaguely religious' means; the belief in God, but only going to church for a Christening, wedding etc. As a result, BBC religious broadcasting now only deals with big questions of life such as, 'why are we here? ...read more.


The news discussed on a magazine programme is exciting for both the old and young e.g. 'Bill Clinton - Is it right to trust a president who lies?' Whereas reviews of mind, body and spirit festivals may only appeal to the older generation. However, interviews of famous people e.g. Uri Geller - who is supposed to have psychic powers, may be interesting for the whole family. A religious documentary has quite an inaccessible format towards youth issues. The issues are mainly related to and directed to an older audience. The complex terminology used may be difficult for a younger audience to understand. However, this type of religious programme shows both sides of a story; the religious and scientific views, that can create further awareness on which people can then formulate their opinions. The moral and ethical issues that are discussed affect us all and would be a good motivating factor for individuals. I think that a religious documentary is an exciting way to learn about how religion and science interact. The given examples to teach and/or aware the viewers may be directly associated to their lives and so this type of program can be very helpful. ...read more.


The film ignores completely the statistics that prove arranged marriages; however unhappy the couple are, tend to last longer than most others. I feel that the film has shown an arranged marriage inaccurately. In the film the bride and groom haven't seen each other until the actual wedding day, which is a very false aspect of an arranged marriage. Nazir didn't have a choice in whether or not he agreed with the marriage (which is the reason he decided to runaway on the actual day). This showed an arranged marriage in an extremely strict and traditional way, which not many Asian families' follow. Therefore, I conclude that the issue was incorrect and in some aspects, stereotypical. I feel that the issues raised in 'East is east' are indirectly related to many Asian families' lives. By adding a mixed marriage, I think that this film is intended to show viewers how difficult it is to bring up a family in such a relationship (different religions/cultures). I feel that the audience for this film is people aged around 18 years. This is to warn them of the situations that could arise as the society changes around us all - it is becoming more acceptable for mixed marriages/relationships. GCSE Religious Education Religion and the Media Zahra K Mirza 11S ...read more.

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