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Describe and analyse the variety of specifically religious programmes on the terrestial T.V channels?

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R.E Coursework Question 1 Describe and analyse the variety of specifically religious programmes on the terrestial T.V channels? I believe there are a poor variety of religious programmes on T.V. They are on Sundays on the BBC, which has God slots at A.M and P.M. Also ITV/C4 have religious programmes but they are spread out, they don't have God slots. They are on T.V because of the law called "Public Service Broadcasting". There are different types of religious programmes, some are about worship, serious documentary while others are like magazine and aimed at children. The first religious programme that I watched was Islam Empire of Faith. This programme was a documentary programme. ...read more.


The programme was about Kumbh Mela, which is a Hindu festival that comes every 12 years, where Hindus can bath in the Ganges and clean themselves of bad karma. This would mean that when they are reincarnated they will comeback as something better. The programme was aimed mainly Hindus but also non-believes. I though the boring, because I didn't find it interesting, entertaining and it no use to me. The third programme that I watched was Songs of Praise. This programme was a worship programme. It is a part of a series on every week on Sunday about 6:40p.m. It was presented by an ex-Blue Peter presenter. The music featured is hymn singing. ...read more.


I find religious programme boring because the programmes are very dull, too informative, not entertaining and no use to me. But I only like religious programmes about Islam, because I'm a Muslim, its interesting and useful to me. There religious programmes only service one religion, they're not for all ages and not for everyone, because the programme is either old fashioned or only at one type of religion. I think each religion should have its own series, but there is not as many Jews, Hindus, Muslims as there is Christians. Also if you make a combination of religious programmes, people don't like there religion associated with other religions. Also if every religion has its own series it could educate the public of others believes. Mizanur Rahman ...read more.

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