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Describe And Explain Christian Teachings About Human Rights

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Describe And Explain Christian Teachings About Human Rights Human rights prevent any discrimination against minority groups in communities. They make sure people can speak and meet openly, ensure that people are not tortured or imprisoned without trial. Human rights allow anybody and everybody to live life without discrimination against who and what they are. Some say human rights are the right to: > Basic guarantees of life > To self-determination and cultural identity > Participate in decision-making within the community > Dissent > Personal dignity > Religious freedom The term 'Human Rights' is not mentioned in the Bible because it is a modern term. However, there are many teachings in the Bible that are related to human rights because they are about treating each other equally. Christians refer to sources of authority for further understanding of the term 'Human Rights'. There tends to be an order of authority, which means that the teachings of some are more important than others. The order of importance, from most important to least, is God(through prayer), the Bible, the Church, the Pope and various other religious leaders. Christians believe that teachings from the Bible are important because they are Jesus' words. The teachings of Jesus tell Christians to treat each other equally. ...read more.


(John 13:34). This is an addition to the 10 commandments. Jesus loves everyone, treats them equally and does his best to show this love and help them. This quote teaches that Christians should love people in the same way, showing agape. This way people are not denied of their human rights. Jesus said 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of the brothers of mine, you did for me.' (Mathew 25:31-46). By making them happy, showing them love and respect, Christians believe they are doing the same to God. In everyday life Christians try to help those less fortunate than themselves. They remember what Jesus said. 'Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends'. (John 15:13). This shows genuine action for those in need. When someone is in need, Christians should help him or her without thinking about the costs to himself. Just like Jesus who lay down his life to forgive us of our sins. Jesus is a great example to everyone of how a Christian's life should be lead. Jesus was a selfless person. On the walk to Emmaus he walked beside people to encourage them to keep going. They did not know who he was and he did not tell them. ...read more.


'May Christ's sacrifice give us the courage to offer our own bodies for justice and peace'. Oscar Romeo. As Jesus sacrificed his life for us, Christians should do the same. Not necessarily die but take action without selfish reasons. Mother Teresa agrees and says 'Make us worthy Lord, to serve those throughout the world who live and die poor and hungry.' Christians are taught to not judge people and look down upon them. If they have what is needed to make a difference, then they should try their best to help. Camilo Torres adds his own views. 'Only by revolution, by changing the concrete conditions of our country, can we enable men to practise love for each other'. He teaches that action should be taken to ensure that people are not denied of their human rights. J. Robert Nelson follows on from that, saying that 'Christians should secure, extend and enhance human freedoms.' He teaches that Christians should ensure that people have the right to freedom in everyway. All of these teachings mean that Christians are taught to be concerned with human rights. They can learn from Jesus, the Bible and many other people that by acting in the right ways they can give people the freedom of speech, the right to basic guarantees of life, to self-determination and cultural identity, to participate in decision-making within the community, to dissent, to personal dignity and to religious freedom. ...read more.

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