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Describe and explain Christian teachings which could be used in a discussion about Euthanasia

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A) Describe and explain Christian teachings which could be used in a discussion about Euthanasia. Euthanasia is also known as assisted suicide. It is when someone who is terminally ill asks someone to help them to die. There are 4 main types of Euthanasia; Voluntary Euthanasia (someone asking for euthanasia), Involuntary Euthanasia, e.g. turning off life machine, Active (actively doing something to end a life) and Passive (doing something to bring death closer e.g. taking an overdose or blocking feeding tubes). A Christian teaching that could be used in a discussion about euthanasia is "The lord gives and the lord takes away". ...read more.


Another Christian teaching that could be used in a discussion about euthanasia is "Do not kill". This is one of the 10 commandments given by God. That means that they are sacred and should not be broken. For Roman Catholics, this would apply to all killing including euthanasia, even if it is done out of love. The Church of England would say that euthanasia may be an exception if it is the last resort and is being done out of love. They would also say that if it is the most loving response and if the person is going to have no or a poor quality of life, then euthanasia may be acceptable. ...read more.


The Church of England may agree with Roman Catholics, but some may say that God is loving and forgiving and if someone has no quality of life then euthanasia would be the most loving response. "God is there in times of need to give you strength" could also be used in a discussion about euthanasia. This teaching means that God is there for you when you need help and that Christians should turn to god for help. It also shows that euthanasia is wrong and shows lack in faith. It also shows that you should turn to God or Hospices when you need help instead of euthanasia. Roman Catholics would say that this teaching means that euthanasia is wrong as it is disrespecting God. ...read more.

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