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Describe and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified in the modern world.

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A02- Religion Coursework Describe and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified in the modern world. Trocaire is an organisation which was set up in 1973 by Irish Catholic Bishops. Trocaire's aim is to support the world's poorest people and to give assistance in improving their lives. Trocaire believes that, 'it is only by changing the structures that perpetuate poverty and injustice, that we can have a real impact on the lives of the poor.' We know this from Joanne Cleave. Some of the problems people face in the Less Economically Developed World would be war; aids; hunger and unclean water. For example, the civil war in Sudan left millions homeless. ...read more.


Short-term aid is emergency aid sent because of a disaster like an earthquake. It is sent to an area which has been affected by a natural disaster such as war. An example of short term aid would be during the war in the 1900's when voluntary agencies sent RAF aircrafts to drop aid. Helicopters helped in taking medical supplies to villages. Food and basic necessities are also taken out to under-developed countries. People were helping those in need, just as Jesus asked in the story, 'The Sheep and the Goats' (Matthew 25:31:46) when he says "I tell you whenever you did this for one of the least important members of my family, you did it for me!" ...read more.


The LEDC's experience malnutrition, contaminated, undrinkable water, no free schooling, costly medical care and shelter is built from what materials can be found. The world is not fairly divided the poorer world have not enough when the richer world has too much, as Christians we should all equally share what is provided. 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.' Trocaire's motto means, do not simply use a convenient means of short term aid, use long term and help the poor have a better future for themselves as well as becoming better Christians. Clare O' Doherty 12G ...read more.

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