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Describe and explain the central feature of Infant and Believers Baptism?

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A01 Q) Describe and explain the central feature of Infant and Believers Baptism? Baptism is the first Sacrament, which a person receives in the Catholic Church in order that the Church opens its doors to he or she. Baptism is linked with the Death and the Resurrection of Jesus. This is because each person who is baptised symbolically dies before entering a new life. The Christian faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus and we stand or fall with it. When we are baptised we are cleared of original sin. Original sin is man choosing evil. In the Roman Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church baptism is the Initiation into the Church so that it opens up its doors to you although in the Baptist faith they believe that Baptism marks out the person who is already a Christian. In the Roman Catholic Church there are four main parts to the service and these are done in different places. These are 1) At the door 2) At the Book 3) At the front 4) At the altar They do the first part at the door because it symbolises a child being welcomed into the church. In this part of the service there are three main elements the name of the child, the responsibility of the parents and the responsibility of the Godparents. ...read more.


The Baptist church has roughly 30 000 000 members. The Baptist church believes that the new Testemate teaches that baptism is a response to God and his good graces. In the Baptist Tradition the person who is being Baptised is immersed in water rather than the water being sprinkled on to their heads or poured. It says in a quote "when we descend into the baptismal water, that meant we died with Christ to sin. When the water closes over our heads that meant we lay buried with him. As Christ was raised from the dead by divine power so we must also henceforth conduct ourselves as men in whom has been implanted a new principal of life". A02 Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today? Baptism in most faiths is the Initiation into the church. In other words it is when the church opens its doors to you and you take the first step to becoming a Christian. Baptism is the first Sacrament we take and in the Roman Catholic Church they emphasise it is as important to take the sacrament as it is to keeping it. In the Baptist tradition you cannot be baptised until you are the age of thirteen or over and it is your choice to make the sacrament. ...read more.


There are many points for and against each baptism whether it be infant or believers baptism. I find it very good that if you follow believers baptism you can choose whether you want to be baptised and if you do want to be baptised you can choose the age that you are baptised at so you are not under pressure to follow your religion. Although this can also be seen as neglecting babies and you are not allowing them to be baptised. You are also not giving them the opportunity to have their original sins washed away. In infant baptism you are given the opportunity to be washed away from original sin and you are letting the Christian faith guide you away from evil and when you are young your parents know what's best for you so maybe it is in your own interest that you are baptised as a child. It is also good the way when you are born you are welcomed into the church and you are freed from original sin. Nowhere in the bible does it say it is wrong to baptise babies although Jesus was baptised as an adult. After I have weighed all the points I have made I have decided that baptising babies is not pointless although I would emphasise people and their parents to do what ever they want to do as I think believers baptism is good as well. ...read more.

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