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Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism.

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Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism AO1 Infant Baptism is one of seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic tradition. It is the first of three initiation sacraments and without Baptism; you cannot receive any other Roman Catholic sacraments. Baptism is when the Catholic receives the Holy Spirit and become a member of the community of the faith family. Baptism is viewed upon as a celebration. The ceremony starts at the door, which represents the child's entry into the Christian community. At the door, three elements take place; name; responsibility of Parents; responsibility of Godparents. The name of the child is symbolic of what qualities the child is to imitate. The parents must show how they will show the child a loving example and bring he/she up in the practise of the faith. The Godparents must promise a supporting role, as they represent the Christian community. ...read more.


It is seen as a source of strength and power. It is Life Giving. In Exodus water is what sets the slaves free from slavery, it is a sign of hope and new beginning. In the story of Noah we see how God uses water to aid the destruction of all evil. It sets the child free from the power of evil and gives he/she a new beginning. Water is therefore a very important symbol used in Baptism. The child is actually immersed in or has water poured upon it with the word of the Trinitarian Formula recited. Chrism is used to show the child receiving a new way of life. The action is associated with a person being appointed to important work, the work of Christ. The paschal candle represents the light of Christ. It is in front of the book and represents how Christ overcame death and sin, the way the light overcomes the darkness. ...read more.


Normally, a person is baptised in a special pool. The person walks down three steps into the pool where the minister tips the person back into the water. The person then climbs out of the pool at the opposite side to where they got in and often gives a short talk about how they became a Christian. In order to comply with the arrangements of Believers' Baptism, candidates must be sorry for their sins and have faith in Jesus Christ. They often give a public testimony to the congregation about this. The candidates present themselves in baptismal robes, a white garment or suitable clothes for the baptism. These robes or garments, along with the confession of their sins, represent how the person is sorry and how they repent satin along with their profession of faith. The descending into the water by the candidate, in conjunction with the certificate of the new baptism, is a symbol of forgiveness and a new life in their faith. Chris Gibson ...read more.

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