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Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism.

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Baptism comes from a Greek word meaning bathed or totally washed. Baptism is the atonement by which a person becomes an element of the church. It is the religious ritual of commencement into the Christian community. AO1: Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism. For an infant baptism is there first right of life. This decided by their parents if they should be baptised or not, but no matter if a infant doesn't get baptised this is still a very common event in today's society. A priest presides over the service of an infant baptism indicating the presence of the Christian family (The church) and God. The service usually takes place in a church and the service is more or less like mass all depends of the decision of the parents. The most essential thing about a baptism is that it should be celebrated in a congregation of Christian believers. There are several stages to an infant baptism some of it is similar to and adult (believers) baptism. They both include the same components of: * Water- to baptise means to absorb yourself in or to fall into water. ...read more.


The priest gives the parents the Paschal candle; a new white shawl is placed round the child and the priest blesses the family. The adult baptism is done in a similar way to the infant baptism. All the same signs and symbols are used for this special ceremony although it's not as long and as complicated. Baptism was in the early church was intentionally for adults. Though out the ages parents and certain people wanted their babies baptised to share the Blessings of God, soon this became common. Roughly in the 17th century a group of people decided to leave the Church of England, the reason for this was that that they thought only adults, with their own faith in Jesus should be baptised. Firstly their name for doing these were "Anabaptists" which meant 'those who were baptised again'. An adult baptism is purely up to the adult, it is his/hers personal choice whether they want to join the Catholic faith or don't. In the end there became a new church, 'The Baptist church' and even today is one of the largest churches in the world. ' When Peter preached to the crowds at Pentecost he said, "Each one must turn away from his sins and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, ...read more.


Christians are bold and spirited in there attempts to convince others of what the Bible says, but all that we say or do should be done so in love. AO3: "Baptising babies is pointless" (Do u agree?) Yes I do agree with this statement. The reason for this being that its suppose to be the individuals decision to decide if the want to be baptised into a religion or not. When we are babies we really have no rights in the world as we can not really communicate very well so therefore our parents/guardians make important decisions for us putting our best interests at heart, but unfortunately its not their decision is not always what is best for us and can cause trouble amongst our selves, I feel baptism is one of those things. Baptism is very important in most religions it's the clearing of sin it makes a new person out of us and is a very important thing to do in our life's. I think that we as adults should make our own decisions about such choices and should be respected for it. But in a Christian society baptism is a new life a new start, this is suppose to be a blessing for the child to start in life as he or she means to go on it's a new start to life Kate White ...read more.

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