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Describe and explain the essential features of infant baptism and believers' baptism.

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Describe and explain the essential features of infant baptism and believers' baptism Although called 'infant' baptism, churches that celebrate this ritual also baptise adults. However, there is a very distinct difference between infant baptism, which baptises children and adults, and believers' baptism, which baptises only adults. Churches that celebrate believers' baptism criticise infant baptism. They say it is wrong to baptise children when they aren't old enough to choose the path of God themselves. Also, Baptism gives us the grace to fight original sin, the tendency to sin, and cleanses us from sin. Those who follow the ways of believers' baptism believe that babies won't be old enough to have committed any sin purposefully, so this will be a pointless ritual on a child. ...read more.


Infant baptism originated in 313 AD, when the Roman Empire, Constantine, converted to Christianity. The entire Roman Empire followed his example, and families would baptise their children to bring them into the world as part of God's family. By 500 AD, churches would baptise babies at the consent of their parents, and this tradition has continued since. In baptism there are very important symbols and signs, these vary in the two types of baptism. Signs include the words 'The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit', and the sign of the cross. In most churches that celebrate infant baptism, the priest will say these words whilst sprinkling water onto the child or adult's forehead. ...read more.


The oil of Chrism is used after the baptism ceremony as a symbol of consecration for special service in the family of God. There is a fragrant perfume in the oil, which symbolises the dignity and beauty of the child. In both baptisms, oil is used to anoint, which means the baptised child or adult is now a special person with a special mission. In believers' baptism, the adult is anointed with catechumen before the baptism takes place. Although both types of baptism differ in their rituals' both cleanse the baptised person with water and gives them the strength of the Holy Spirit to break the process of evolution by helping us to fight original sin. And both anoint the person and bless them a special person with a special mission. Grace Emery - 10zm Mrs. Wilson ...read more.

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