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Describe and explain the main features in a roman catholic Marriage Service.

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Year 10 RE Coursework AO1 Describe and explain the main features in a roman catholic Marriage Service. During a Catholic marriage service, the internal features of the church used are the aisle, the sanctuary, the font and the lectern. The aisle is usually where the Father takes his daughters arm and walks down the aisle with her. In true catholic tradition, the father of the bride isn't supposed to walk down with his daughter. ...read more.


The people, who are getting married, celebrate the sacrament of marriage. However, the function of the priest is not to do this. Before Vatican II, women weren't allowed around the sanctuary area at all, except on their wedding day. On their wedding days, it would have been a sacred and special day because they were allowed to go to the Sanctuary with the person they loved. The lectern is used for celebrating the ministry of the word. ...read more.


The bride also wears white for a symbol to show her purity and a sign of her virginity. The Catholic Church teaches that all people should be virgins before marriage as sex is an everlasting union and a chance to create a family. The bride also wears a veil; this too is a symbol of her purity, particularly if it is worn over the face. If a woman is to get divorced and re-marry, the church says you should marry in a registry office because you have caused annulment. The bride should then not wear white. The groom's clothes have no significance at all! ...read more.

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