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Describe Buddhist teaching about how people should treat the environment and animals.

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A) Describe Buddhist teaching About How People Should Treat The Environment And Animals Buddhists care for the environment and some are vegetarians, so the rate of suffering is reduced. They do not think it is right to kill another living thing for money or another person's pleasure. This is a sign of Right (or perfect) intention, from the Eightfold Path. 'Right Intention' is a choice to follow the Eightfold Path, both for the sake of your freedom and eventual enlightenment, but also unselfish love for all beings. Buddhist's believe that they should lead their lives by following the middle way, by only taking what you need and nothing more. In this essay I am going to explore what Buddhists believe about how people should treat animals and the environment. Buddhists believe that Buddhism has a strong link with the environment and animals. There is a Buddhist principle, "the oneness of life and environment". This principle means to take responsibility for everything around us in the environment, and that to make positive changes in our environment requires, a leap of faith. Buddhists believe that nothing has a fixed self and nothing exists without that conditions which form it. ...read more.


This follows the Buddhist teaching of Tanha, suffering comes from greed. The first precept (I undertake to abstain from taking life), teaches Buddhists about how to treat living things including animals. This precept is against killing or harming animals; this precept has led many Buddhists to become vegetarians. This may also be a reason for Buddhists to be against and not go into some careers such as butching, farming, etc. because animals may be being harmed in a certain job or down the somewhere else down the line. The Four Noble Truths link with the Buddhist belief about how we should treat animals and the environment. In The Four Noble Truths the Buddha set out: The problem with life The cause of that problem That the problem can be overcome The way to achieve it. Another way the Four Noble Truths can be set out for a Buddhist who becomes a vegetarian could be: Animals are being killed for meat Humans crave meat Become vegetarians Causes least suffering The first of The Four Noble Truths is All life involves suffering (dukkha). Buddhists avoid causing the environment and animals to suffer by leading their lives without misusing the environment or harming animals. ...read more.


'Right Livelihood' - if a Buddhist follows the Eightfold Path, it is important that they do not make a living, that involve going against Buddhist principles, for example killing animals of destroying the environment. This means earning your money in the right way which does take advantage of others or the environment. 'Right View' - A Buddhist looks to expand his understanding of life, by following the teachings of the Buddha. A person who has not thought about the nature or where suffering comes from, is not very likely to make progress. This basically means, seeing the world as it is, finding out a way and trying out a way to overcome it. In conclusion of this essay, I think that people who practice the dharma have to treat the environment and animals with their upmost respect, and cannot even think of harming them. Also I think that Buddhists have very strong beliefs and never disobey them. I think we must become more aware of the consequences our actions cause on the environment, even if it is just little things like dropping litter. Even little things like dropping litter can cause suffering (dukkha), for example, small animals can get their necks caught in beer can holders. Hopefully people will realise that they need to change their attitudes towards the environment, so that future generations can enjoy the worlds beauty and wonder. ...read more.

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