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Describe Buddhist teachings about how people should treat the environment and animals

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R.E Buddhism Coursework - Part A Describe Buddhist teachings about how people should treat the environment and animals At the moment there are many terrible things going on in the world which are caused by the fault of humans and the way they treat the environment. For example the rain forests over the world have dramatically decreased in size due to the fact that humans continue to chop it all down, whilst knowing that rain forests are essential for oxygen. Also by chopping down the rain forests many different species of plants and animals are being wiped out. Buddhists are very against anything to do with harming the environment. Buddhists would never get involved with anything to do with harming the environment, for example you would never find a Buddhist helping or even justifying chopping down the rainforests. They do everything they can to preserve the earth that they are so grateful to live on. Another aspect of the environment is that humans are harming is by polluting the world. The main factors that are polluting the world are factories and vehicles. This is a quote by W.O Cole "Modern Buddhists believe that being socially involved to protect our environment simply neglecting, destroying ...read more.


The Buddha taught his followers that everything changes and nothing stays the same, this is known as Anicca. This shows that everything in the world is changing constantly and if the environment is going to change for the best and not for the worse then they must take care of the environment so that as it changes it improves. If the environment is ruined then this will only cause suffering in the future. The next teaching I am going to talk about is the Three Marks of Existence and the first of the Four Noble Truths: Dukkha. Dukkha means "all life is suffering". It means that we do live on an amazing earth, but it will never make us completely happy; mainly die to the way we are treating it. We must try and make the most out of what we are given and make the earth and its environment a safe place to be. Humans have become incredibly greedy and they continue to crave unnecessary possessions. People are constantly wanting more because they are not satisfied with what they have already. Buddhists are not interested in material possession, they also do not treat animals and the environment as possessions, but as living things that deserve respect. ...read more.


It is hoped that when a person enters a bad realm of Samsara they will be able to escape, but, it depends on how the have behaved, for example if they have treated the environment and animals well then they will be able to escape and be reborn. Karma has a huge influence on what someone becomes in the next life. This teaching teaches Buddhist that all beings are equal and you should not treat any creature with less love that the people close to you, for they may be someone close to you who had died in a previous life and had been reborn. I am going to end on the part nature played in the Buddha's life. This is important to Buddhists as they respect the Buddha and wish to uphold the things that made his life what it was. The environment, animals and nature all played a big part in his life. Many of the significant parts of the Buddha's life occurred outside within all the nature around him, for example his birth in Lumbini was outside and his mother used a branch of a tree to support herself whilst giving birth to him ...read more.

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