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Describe Christian believes about Divorce and explain how a marriage service might lead a couple in their married life Model answer

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Describe Christian beliefs about divorce model answer Some Christians do not accept divorce out of principle. Most Roman Catholics do not accept divorce as they believe that when you get married you are making a promise in the eyes of God. It cannot be broken because it is a lifelong commitment, 'Till death do us part'. They believe that if you were to get remarried after a divorce it is a sin and is viewed as bigamy. They also consider it to be adultery. The Church of England also believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment and generally do not accept divorce. Typically both the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church will not allow divorcees to get remarried in a church service due to them viewing it to be bigamy and adultery. ...read more.


Explain how a marriage service might guide a couple in their married life. A marriage service may guide a couple in their married life because of the vows that they have made and the fact that they have made a promise in the eyes of God. Within the vows they make promises to love them unconditionally ' For better and for worst', 'For richer and for poorer', which is known as agape. This will encourage them to work their problems out and work on things together. In addition to that all Christians believe in forgiveness which therefore means that a marriage should always work as all sins would be forgiven. When they are making their vows 'In the name of the father, son and holy spirit' and 'according to Gods holy law' both emphasise the promise that they are making and the fact they are in Gods name. ...read more.


However both the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church will agree with the statement because they are against divorce and they believe that husbands and wives should stay together until they die. They see marriage as a lifelong commitment in the eyes of God. When faced with a couple having problems they may refer them to RELATE or other similar counselling services. Over all I disagree with the statement but I do think that people should try and work out their problems before getting divorced. I also think that if there are children involved then couples must go for the best thing for them and put them first. Question A:- 6/8 Question B:- 5/7 Question C:- 5/5 Overall 16/20 = 80% = A grade ...read more.

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