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Describe Christian teachings about how believers should treat people less fortunate than themselves. In today's world there is one major division. This is

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Describe Christian teachings about how believers should treat people less fortunate than themselves. In today's world there is one major division. This is the division between the rich and the poor. This division has been in the world for thousands of years and hasn't had any dramatic change. The division between rich and poor can sometimes be known as the north, south divide. Rich people generally live north of the equator and poor people south. This is not always the case but it is generally the rule. Another thing which makes things worse for those in the southern hemisphere is that those with the power are in the north. Therefore they will generally make decisions which go in their benefit. Banks are run mainly from the northern hemisphere and so high levels of interest are charged on those in the south due to their greed. People in the south do not have power or the ability to make decisions and so the north has ended up almost 'running' the south and deciding what happens to the people there. Today people are much more aware of the problems of poverty and for the poor. ...read more.


That is like in today's world offering a person who will have to go into an old persons home the chance to stay where they are but have you look after them. The bible quote 'and he has given us this command: whoever loves god must also love his brother' teaches believers that if they love god than they must treat their neighbours well and follow his commandments. The amount that you love god will be shown through how you treat your neighbour. The quote 'and if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and night will become like noonday.' Tells believers that even if they feel like their good deeds are not being recognised by others then they must continue them. For when it is time for judgement, you will be put on the right hand side and will be recognised for your good work by god which is more important. The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus shows us of how we must appreciate the things we have and that we must take more notice of our surroundings. ...read more.


We must, as believers, not think about other ways of life in order for them not to view ours. If the bond is broken in one way then it will be broken in the opposite one as well. Approximately one quarter of the world's population lives in the northern hemisphere and they use approximately three quarters resources. That means that there is three quarters of the world's population living in the southern hemisphere using approximately one quarter of the worlds resources. People in the south very often go with little or even without completely. The people in the south do not have enough food to survive but there is enough food in the world to support the entire population, only if it is distributed properly. People's greed in the north means that there are approximately 20 million deaths in the south due to inadequate amounts of food per year. The statistics above are the main reason that the teachings of Jesus must be followed. These teachings could really make a difference to the inequality within the world. We need to do every last bit we can do to change the world. The future is dependant on how we treat this place, so let's treat it right and follow the bibles teachings. After all 'Faith, if not accompanied by action, is dead'. ...read more.

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