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Describe Christian Teachings On Prejudice and Discrimination

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Describe Christian teachings on prejudice and discrimination. "And now we will make human beings; they will resemble us and be like us," Genesis 1:26. Christians believe that all people are made in the image of God; therefore they all have God given dignity. Their lives are sacred and there value is inherent. Therefore, the duty of all Christians is to recognise and work towards the recognition of that dignity for all people. All Christians would say they are opposed to prejudice and discrimination in all its forms. The Church of Scotland says "Christians must stand with the oppressed and confront the oppressor," which supports the bible teaching, "Love your neighbour as you love yourself," as it says in James 2:8. ...read more.


He said that Christians were never to "dishonour the poor," which could be relevant to many moral issues today such as the exploitation of poor children in sweatshops, or discrimination against poor countries in trade practises that are unfair towards the poorer countries. "Do not deprive foreigners and orphans of their rights," Deuteronomy 24:17. This passage is particularly talking about "gleaning" which is an old Jewish tradition where farmers would leave any crops that were left behind after the harvest for the widows, orphans and foreigners. Christians believe that it gives people who are poor and more unfortunate the dignity of work, fairness and justice. They don't necessarily need handouts; they need a fair opportunity given to them. ...read more.


God's kingdom is seen as the ideal, and everyone is equal in God's kingdom. This ties in with the Roman Catholic teachings on racism and discrimination. "God offers salvation to everyone, to all nations, as everyone is made in the image of God... Christ's work of saving us means that we all have the same calling from God, and share the same destiny. Discrimination based on race, sex, colour, social conditions, language or religion is utterly wrong. Discrimination like this must be stopped as it is alien to God's plan/ design." Pope John Paul II. The church supports everything which works against racial discrimination that supports human rights. It also encourages its members to actively support the organisation C.A.R.J, Catholic Association for Racial Justice. The Church of England agrees, "We must stand firm against the false teaching of all members that advocate hatred and division." ...read more.

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