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Niral Patel 11D DESCRIBE & EXPLAIN THE WAYS IN WHICH CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE HOLY COMMUNION Holy Communion is regarded in different terms for different denominations of the church: Orthodox Holy Liturgy Roman Catholic Mass Free Church Breaking of bread Anglican Holy Eucharist (thanksgiving) They all have common views on the factors of Holy Communion. Even though they are four different types of the Christian religion, all denominations share the idea that Jesus was Christ, the chosen one, meaning that they believed Jesus was sent by God as our Saviour showing no difference in this case. Holy Communion remembers, celebrates and re-enacts the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for forgiveness of sins and salvation. The Roman Catholic (R.C.), Orthodox and the Church of England (CoE) see it as a Sacrament which 'contains the body and blood, soul and divinity, of the Lord Jesus Christ in the representation of bread and wine.' The Holy Communion shows the idea that Christians are joined together in a community, with Christ, by sharing the bread and wine. The Eucharist is one of the main acts of worship for both Catholics and Anglicans. It is celebrated at least once a week; every Sunday. ...read more.


* The worship is an offering to God. The Eucharist is held in high honour by most Christians because: * Jesus told them to remember him in this way. He said, when he gave the disciples the bread and wine, "Do this in remembrance of me." * The meal at which he said these words, the Last Supper, took the place the night before he died on the cross. * They believe that at the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus are present. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross can never be repeated, but the body he offered on the cross is present on the alter * They believe that when they receive the bread and wine, Jesus is with them in a special way. There are specific aspects to Holy Communion which include the prayers of confession along with the peace (shaking hands with others). Here, the two phrases that are normally said are: 'peace be with you' and 'also with you,' these are an opportunity to make up. At Holy Communion, the bread and wine are blessed by the priest who gives the people attending worship a piece of bread with the words, "The body of our Lord Jesus Christ," and then a communal cup of wine saying, "The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ." ...read more.


* They remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. * It marked the beginning that Jesus of the New Covenant. At the Last Supper, Jesus said that this day had finally arrived. His death marked the beginning of this New Covenant. Through his death, the relationship between God and mankind would be restored. Also, through his death, God and mankind would become one. * The Eucharist is a meal of thanksgiving. It shows the love and unity if the Christian community, which comes through taking part in the meal. The Holy Communion is then ended with the dismissal which might include the hymns, prayers or a blessing. To conclude, the holy communion is the most important act of worship for many Christians as it is the remembrance of Jesus dying on the cross for mankind and salvation. By taking the Communion, Christians can feel as if they are obeying Jesus' instructions of remembering him in this way. It is celebrated in different ways in the different denominations because they have their own interpretation of how it should be celebrated. However, this act of worship may remind Christians of Jesus and what he has done for mankind, but even without this service, Christians should remember this everyday to show gratitude to God for what he has given us along with giving us the gift of Jesus who is our Saviour in my opinion. ...read more.

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