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Describe God to a small child.

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Sarah Brown Mr. Thibadeaux Freshman English 13 May 2003 Describe God to a small child. The way to describe God to a small child is just To take it to their level for example don't teach them about circumcises, and the New and Old Covenants. You need to teach them about sharing and about how to accept Christ. You should also tell them if you share God would be very happy with you. God will always be there if you accept him into your heart, if you just ask him. When you do something wrong you should also tell him you are sorry. You could also teach them about the Fruit of the Spirits, because of the fact that it is easy to teach the Fruit of the Spirits in a simple way. You can talk about happiness because little kids always have happiness in their hearts no matter what. ...read more.


But Daniel only did what was right. Daniel knew that his wisdom came from God and he prayed to God 3 times every day. The bad men knew they would trap Daniel into doing something wrong if they wanted to get rid of him. So hey went to the king and said the Daniel wasn't praying to him. So the king made a law then no one could ask Daniel for help 31 days. Anyone who breaks the law will be thrown into the lion's den. The king thought this was a wonderful idea. He didn't know the men were trying to trap Daniel . Daniel heard about the new law , but he still went to his room to pray and to ask God to help him to do what was right. When the sneaky men saw Daniel praying , they ran to the king and said, Daniel had been praying to his God instead of asking the king for help. ...read more.


The people of Nineveh must behave better or Ninevah will destroyed , Jonah told Everyone. The king and the people listened to Jonah and God spared the city. The reason this is a good story is because it teaches children to obey God the first time. The next story I am going to tell the children about is , Noah. Noah was a just and righteous man. Noah walked with God. God told Noah to build an ark. The ark should be very big. The reason Noah had to make this ark was because the Lord was going to flood the whole earth. The only thing Noah his family could take in the ark was their wives. They could also take every animal 2 by two's on the ark. The Lord shut the ark and the animals went in . God sent rain for forty days and forty nights. Later on Noah sent out a dove out to see if it could find dry land to nest. After 7 days Noah sent the dove out again and that dove found an olive branch.. 1 1 Brown ...read more.

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