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Describe how a Christian may follow the call of discipleship through daily life and work.

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Describe how a Christian may follow the call of discipleship through daily life and work. When Christians follow Jesus' example they are known as disciples (this accounts for all Christians). This is to pray regularly, study the bible and to know what Jesus was like and to try and put his practices into the practices of modern society. Their life has to be devoted to service, showing love, care and compassion, also to preach the faith like Jesus. Christians try and keep close to god by going to church and praying: to thank god, repent sins and praying for those around them and the world. ...read more.


People try and follow what Jesus did, but do them in a variety of different ways: The job that they do. They may be involved with people in need of help (Nurse, Doctor etc...). Some may feel that they have been 'called' by god to perform these jobs. Many Christians follow the bible teachings rather than a career, many of which choose to live in a contemplative state becoming a monk or nun. Many Christians go to great lengths to help the needy, they may move to a specific area of a city where there are people who are in need of help. ...read more.


Martin Luther King felt that something should be done about the racial factor on America, he felt it was his duty a Christian to bring both races together and to live as one. Bible teachings make it clear that each Christian should try to live by honesty and truthfulness. If they successfully do this, its part of their 'witness. Christians are encouraged to preach the teachings of Jesus and faith, they can do this in many ways; conversation, inviting non Christians into church, going from door to door, many people feel obliged to work abroad preaching etc... All of which are inter-linked and Christians try to do these things to be a disciple. ...read more.

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