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Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work.

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R.E. Vocation Coursework Part a (i) - Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work Jesus was walking along the shore of the lake Galilee when he saw two fishermen in a boat out in the water, Simon and Andrew. He called to them and asked them to be fishers of men and come with him, they didn't ask any questions and they followed Jesus. Further along the shore he saw two other fishermen, James and John, sons of Zebedee. He asked them to join him and be his disciples, and they went with Jesus, again without asking any questions, just leaving their father behind in the boat. These four fishermen were like peasants, they were illiterate, and knew nothing about religion or philosophy etc, but yet Jesus chose them, this shows that he wants normal people as his disciples. The message for us today is that ordinary people like us are called to God, not just prime ministers and Arch Bishop's etc. ...read more.


There are three different varieties of vocation, but one is not superior to the other. In vocation, people are called to do something, and different people are called in different ways, those could be the laity, religious orders or holy orders. Laity are people who are not called to live in a specific state of life, this could be an everyday job such as a nurse, a manager, or someone at the till at Sainsbury's, etc. Religious orders include nuns, monks and brothers, these people dedicate their lives to fulfilling their vocation as one of God's brothers/sisters. The final type of vocation is Holy Orders; these are priests, so they would, like nuns, monks and brothers dedicate their life to following God, but they would serve the people, in masses etc. Vocation is a far more complex issue than talking about priests and nuns today than in the past. Some people, like the older generation in Ireland, still treat Priests as superior to everyone else. They think that because they server mass and dedicate their life to God, they should be treated like royalty. ...read more.


can apply, defend and teach their faith; this is how they follow Christ in their daily lives. Examples of applying could be: Stopping violence * Preventing harmful drugs * Preventing crime * Feeding the hungry * Housing the homeless * Healing the sick There were all Christ's teaching's in his time, applied by us, the laity in our time, a good example to cover a few of them could be either a police officer or a missionary. We also have to defend Christ's' teaching though: * Hope and prayer * Faith * Love A good example of defending our faith in the modern day could be Ghandi, Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa. The first two, Ghandi and King went around preaching about God and their faith, they got people to listen, and that made the difference. Principles of Christ could be taught by: * Reading in church * Missionary work * Teaching A good example would be being a R.E. teacher, or a missionary. Christians could also preach in the streets about their faith, quite a few people would listen. John Vaye ...read more.

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