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Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles

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Paper 1-A(i)- Christianity Through a Study of Luke and Acts Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles. Luke shows Jesus as a miracle worker by writing about stories showing Jesus' power in performing miracles. For example, 'The Centurion's Servant' (Luke 7:1-10), this story and many other healing miracles show the love of God reaching to people who were suffering. Luke believed that Jesus came to offer salvation-he came to give freedom from oppression and sickness. The miracles were simply a sign of God's salvation, they showed God breaking into history and saving the lost and the outcast. (Luke 7:1-10) explains how Jesus recognised the Centurion's faith. Jesus recognised this faith and we know this from Luke 7:9. We also know that Jesus values this faith because it is shown in the healing of the servant. 'Jairus' daughter' (Luke 8:41-56) shows an example of Jesus raising a child from death. Jairus showed great faith in Jesus' abilities and so did the woman who touched Jesus' cloak in the same Bible story. ...read more.


In these stories also, Jesus' followers show great respect, trust and faith in Jesus, Son of God. The followers also seem to think that they are not worthy of Jesus' presence showing how much respect and love Jesus had from people. It seems that Luke is trying to tell us God's power in Jesus and also Jesus' respect and love from the people around him. In Matthew there are at least eighteen miracles recorded. Luke can give us a reliable source of information and it is precise. Luke points out his reasons for writing the gospel and he writes with great attention to detail. Altogether Luke recorded twenty miracles performed by Jesus, which must mean that Luke thought Jesus was as powerful as God (ie. He was God) who had great power and was capable of anything but Luke also emphasized the humanity of Jesus Christ and his perfection as a human being. Luke wrote Acts as well. These books both tell the story of Jesus' life from his birth until his death and after that they continue by telling how the followers of Jesus continued to spread Jesus' teachings and recite his life. ...read more.


No doubt Luke thought that Jesus' miracles were very important because they presented signs of God's power and His Kingdom. They also showed that Jesus was the Son of God and not just a phony or fake. If you read through the section with the miracles in, including the parts before and after each miracle, often another meaning is conveyed other than Jesus' power. For example, His attitude towards a certain type of people. Finally, there is one last way to interpret Luke's miracle stories performed by Jesus. It could be that Luke's stories were not real but simply symbolic. Take (Luke 8:22-25), perhaps the stormy sea is not a real sea-it may be a picture of the troubles in life. The stormy sea may be symbolising the early church during its persecution. The boat is symbolic of the church and the disciples are the Christians crying out to Jesus (God) to save them. Remember that the boat is filling with water. Luke was writing for the Christians in the early church so this fits in well. Luke mainly tells us that Jesus had faith and also Jesus looked for faith in others. He also tells emphasizes prayer and joyfulness which Jesus found very important. ...read more.

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