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Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles giving examples from Luke's gospel.

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Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles giving examples from Luke's gospel In Luke Jesus is said to have performed many miracles of different kinds; such as raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out evil spirits and causing miracles in nature, such as feeding five thousand and a storm at sea. He performed miracles as a sign of his mission and a sign of the coming of the kingdom. But he also told his disciples not to publicise his miracles and insisted that it is faith alone that makes miracles work. About forty miracles are mentioned in the four gospels. For example, in Luke's gospel, Jesus raises a widow's son to life. This is considered a miracle as the son was biologically dead and to raise him from the dead, Jesus had to go against the laws of nature. In Luke Jesus emerges, basically as a teacher and one full of ethical wisdom. He is also very interested in encouraging his followers to be compassionate and forgiving. In Luke, Jesus is a powerful figure; he comes across as a redeemer (knight in shining armour) ...read more.


Also it was not only fevers that he could cure it was 'various diseases' all he had to do was to lay on his hands (as many trained priests do today) and the sick person would be healed. A case from Luke, of Jesus' power over nature is when he calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee. This story shows us how powerful Jesus was as he gave an order to the storm and it stopped. Because Jesus fell asleep, we know that he was not worried; he had complete and utter trust in God that no harm would come to him. This is a contrast with the disciples who lacked faith; they did not believe that God would not let them get hurt. The faith of the disciples in the calming of the storm is totally different to the faith of the centurion. He was a gentile, however he co-operated with the Jewish elders and he helped them to build a synagogue. When one of his servants was about to die he sent some Jewish elders to ask Jesus to come and heal his servant. He had a lot of faith, he knew that all Jesus had to say was the word and his servant would be healed. ...read more.


This is another example of Jesus showing his priority for the sick, by calling him 'my friend'. This story also shows who Jesus is as no one can forgive sins apart from God. By caring for the sick and working all of these miracles, Jesus sets all of us an example that we should follow. Although we cannot cure people we can visit the sick and give them the strength and courage to believe that they will survive. This encouragement may be enough for them to have a complete recovery. The miracles that Jesus performs are signs of the Kingdom of God. This is because they show that evil and death is destroyed, nature is controlled and that God has power over sickness. Therefore, the prophecy of Isaiah has been fulfilled. These miracles in Luke tell us what God is like because Jesus mirrors what his father did in the Old Testament. They show that Jesus is Lord and emphasise the importance of faith and the power of prayer. The completion of a miracle gives faith to those in despair. When Jesus does a miracle and saves a life, he shows that he is compassionate. Jesus shows us that God is concerned with outcasts and that everyone is important in his eyes ...read more.

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