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Describe how status and power can affect equality, and how continual discriminatory practice can marginalize individual and groups within society.

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Describe how status and power can affect equality, and how continual discriminatory practice can marginalize individual and groups within society. Discrimination is something in which everybody will come across nearly everyday of their lives. Whether it will be in the way that people can treat each other as they are not equal, or sometimes like they are not human. Discrimination can be found anywhere, like on a street or in a job. There is discrimination against the mentally and physically challenged, against people of different cultures, and people of the opposite sex, just to name a few. Discrimination may not make a large impact on someone's life instantly, but continual discriminatory practice can have devastating effects. It can actually come to the stage in which it can destroy the quality of someone's life. ...read more.


Those who suffer from a disability can also find themselves at a disadvantage within society. Some of the effects can be so horrendous that and individual can lose the fight to live. They can be left feeling excluded from society to a degree that they become unfamiliar with it. Loss of motivation and energy can prove costly in the hope that discrimination one day will be wiped out. Because of the effects on ones emotional state, they may feel that there is no hope, and that there life will always consist of discrimination, therefore they give up and do not even attempt to stand up for equal rights. If discrimination is going to become something of the past then it needs to be understood now to our generation that it is not acceptable. ...read more.


Discrimination can be aimed at those who are not equal or have a lower social status. People like this, can sometimes feel that because they have a high social status that they are 'powerful', and they use this power to make them feel good. None times out of ten this power is enforced and inflicted on those who are of a lower social status, which creates and inequality. They re obviously unaware of the effects that is has on individuals and groups. This is why it is essential that people are made aware of the seriousness that discrimination can cause, if there is any chance of it being able to become a thing of the past. Leanne knott 12RMO Health and social care 1 of 1 discrimination ...read more.

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