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Describe in detail the preparation for and ceremony of marriage in Islam.

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Islam Coursework Describe in detail the preparation for and ceremony of marriage in Islam All Muslims are expected to marry. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was married and said: 'He who is able to marry should marry' (Hadith 30.10) Islam teaches that marriage is equally desirable for men and for women. One type of marriage is an arranged marriage. When the time comes for a young person to get married they usually want their parent's help and support. According to the teachings of Islam young men and women should not mix freely and so in most Muslim traditions the parents arrange whom their child should marry. This is known as an arranged marriage. In all Muslim marriages, parents are expected to have a role in choosing their child's partner. ...read more.


However, in all cases there is a ceremony which both religious with the intention of being witnessed by Allah and public in the sight of members of the Ummah. Other common features of a Muslim wedding are as follows: * The marriage is announced. * A nikkah (contract) is drawn up. This is agreed between the two families and witnessed by the bride's guardian and two other people. * A Mahr (marriage gift) is given to the bride by her husband. * Am Imam is often present at a wedding ceremony, although it is not required. * Relevant verses from the Qur'an are usually recited such as: In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful. ...read more.


Shi'ah Muslims give Mahr immediately, whereas some Sunni Muslims arrange to give part of the endowment at a later time. There will be refreshments and celebration after the contract is agreed but these like the dress, d�cor, and the entertainment will follow local customs rather than any specifically Muslim traditions. Often there is a Walimah, which is a wedding feast, in some cultures the bride's hands are decorated with henna and jewellery. Sometimes the bride does not actually attend the ceremony. She may remain at home while the bridegroom goes to the Mosque, and she appoints an agent and two witnesses to represent her parts of the contract. They hear her guarantee three times at home that she is willing to be married and they speak for her during the ceremony. Then the husband and wife are now officially married. ...read more.

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