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describe jesus as the son of god

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"Describing Jesus as 'Son Of God' unnecessarily difficult for people today. This title could be dropped." Do you agree? Give reason for your answer showing that you have considered more then one point of view This title could be dropped as there are a lot of different titles which we use to address Jesus. For example people get confused when people begin to address Jesus as many different names. If we could drop some of the titles then the church can begin to teach people what the remaining titles mean and there importance. If this happens it will allow Christians to give a more collective view on Jesus and how he should be addressed. ...read more.


Some Christians are not even in agreement as to what this title actually means. Some Christians believe that it means "Jesus is Gods Son" while others believe it means "Jesus is a son of God". If we drop the title there will be no more arguments as to its meaning. Other Christians believe that the title should be kept. They would say that the title confirms Jesus relationship with the Trinity. An example of this is at Jesus baptism where God says "You are my Son, the Beloved" (Mark 1:10). Here all three parts of the trinity were present. ...read more.


This also highlights key factors of his public ministry such as his preaching of the good news and performing miracles. In conclusion I believe that every title of Jesus should be kept as they all have different meanings and they all tell us something different about Jesus person. However I also believe that jesus was a very good person, he was kind and compassionate and showed this for others, he had all of the attributes that of the Son of God, he was indeed the son of God. However I personally believe that Jesus was all three, he conformed to be all three and he resurrected as the Son of Man and was described as the Son of God. ...read more.

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