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Describe some of the arguments which followers of the religion you are studying Might put forward to show that there is a God.

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Describe some of the arguments which followers of the religion you are studying Might put forward to show that there is a God (A) Millions of people believe in God, so how can they all be wrong? It is hard to think that so many people believe in something that has not even been proved to be 100% true. Although there are millions of atheists in the world, it is fascinating that one book of stories and miracles could give such an impact. Scientists haven't proved that there is an actual God, but there are scientists that have come up with arguments to suggest there is, such as the design argument. ...read more.


That would never happen so this suggests that the world couldn't have come around by chance and it must have had a creator. Another argument scientists have come up with is the cosmological argument. This argument was thought up by St Thomas Aquinas, and it's based on the universe, (cosmos). Aquinas said that something could not come from nothing and that every effect has a cause. This suggests that the universe must have been caused by something else before it, but there has to be a first cause, something that started everything. A good way of explaining this argument is a by using a domino rally. ...read more.


As people get older some think about what will happen to them after they die- will that just be it. Many people don't accept this theory and they like to think that there is an after live, somewhere maybe that you are rejoined with your family. The thought of dieing is not nice, so this sometimes brings people to believe there is a God. Humans also began to believe if maybe they have committed a crime and they feel guilty. They might have been put in prison and there life feels empty. By praying to God sometimes makes them feel there is a point in living and they get the sense that they have been forgiven. Patrick Leese R.E GCSE Mr McMillan 10w ...read more.

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