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Describe the Birth Jesus in the gospels comparing and Contrasting the two accounts.

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Describe the Birth Jesus in the gospels comparing and Contrasting the two accounts. Jesus was born in a very small country, it was not an important area of land people only passed through it and passed by it. From north to south of the country Palestine was less than 270km long. The Jordan valley ran through the middle of the country, towards the north of the country laid steep mountains the peak of mount Hermon was 3000 meters above sea level. Palestine was situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in southwestern Asia. Palestine is now divided between Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories, parts of which are self-administered by Palestinians. ...read more.


During the time of Jesus' there where 4 main gospels but the two gospels who wrote about what happened to Jesus where Matthew and Luke. Below shows what both Matthew and Luke said when they where with Jesus. Matthew The ancestors of Jesus traced to Abraham. Joseph is engaged to Mary, she is pregnant and he plans a divorce. The angel announces to Joseph the birth of a son by the Holy Spirit. Wise men from the east ask Herod about the birth of a 'King of the Jews'. Jesus is born and visited by the wise men who were led by a star. ...read more.


Circumcision and naming of the child. Return to Nazareth. The ancestors of Jesus traced back to Adam. As you can see they both said different things about what had happened in the past but both Matthew and Luke wrote that Jesus Christ the son of god was born from virgin Mary. The sense of all these stories are that Christians can build up an image in their minds about what happened during the time of Jesus Christ and why he was the son of god? And what it was like to live in Palestine at the time of the cruel Roman's? These stories have played a big role in the religion Christianity because at Christmas priest all around the world tell stories from the bible about what happened to Jesus. Kunal kripalani 11.3ti re: Christianity coursework ...read more.

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