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Describe the causes of poverty in the developing world.

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GCSE Religious Studies: Coursework Religion, Wealth and Poverty Part A (a) Describe the causes of poverty in the developing world Poverty is an issue subject to controversy due to the fact that it is rife in many of the developing countries of the world today. A definition of the world poverty is that it is a condition of having little or no wealth, indigence, destitution and relative lack of money or material possessions. In the world today, there are two main types of poverty that occur - these are absolute and relative poverty. Absolute poverty occurs where people have insufficient incomes to gain subsistence standards of nutrition, lack of access to a basic health care system and education. It is usually calculated by estimating whether a household has a sufficient income, including its own production to acquire enough food for a healthy diet to live a healthy life. The precise "poverty line" is unavoidably discretionary because people differ in how much food they need and the distribution of food between the home can also be varied. ...read more.


Due to factors such as civil wars, political exile and natural disasters, many inhabitants of developing countries become refugees. Many lesser-developed countries frequently suffer from natural disasters due to their situated areas in the world. The most common natural disasters that occur repeatedly are floods, earthquakes and droughts. Unfortunately for these countries, due to where they are situated, they are more badly hit by these natural disasters than anywhere else in the world. Due to the fact that the countries are still developing when compared to developed countries, an earthquake or a flood would have a much greater impact due to their lack of education about what to do in an emergency and lack of preparation for such disasters occurring. The impact of a disaster such as an earthquake or a flood would not only destroy the homes of the inhabitants of the country, but would demolish any farmland that these people would greatly depend upon as well as killing many people. Due to the hot climates that many lesser-developed countries suffer from, farmland can also be affected, as if there is no rain then their crops will not grow, causing further insufficiency. ...read more.


To add to these difficulties, there is also the poverty cycle which dominates the majority of the lives of those who live in the developing world. It all begins when a family is already suffering from minor poverty, then they have a baby. This baby becomes malnourished, leading to a lesser resistance to disease and then increasing the infant mortality rate so the parents then have more children. The issue of having more children causes a further strain on the lack of food, they resort to drinking unclean water, disease becomes rife and therefore these children are less able to go out to work due to their suffering from disease which could lead to their death. The poverty cycle is that of a vicious one as it is impossible to break. In conclusion, the main causes of poverty in the developing world today are the frequency of natural disasters and their devastating effects, debt, civil wars, cash crops and the poverty cycle. Due to entities such as the poverty cycle, the poor become increasingly poorer whilst the rich gain affluence, and so the gap between the two widens constantly. Joanna Lowe Page 1 5/10/2007 ...read more.

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