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Describe the celebration and significance of the Jewish Sabbath. (24) The Sabbath day, in the time of Jesus was seen by Jews to be a complete day of rest, which

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a) Describe the celebration and significance of the Jewish Sabbath. (24) The Sabbath day, in the time of Jesus was seen by Jews to be a complete day of rest, which had been given to them from God. This was seen as a gift to renew the special bond between God and his people. As said in the bible "And he blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made". As Jews had made the special covenant with God to abide by his ten commandments, to take a day off from work and heavy duties was a step used to follow in their creator's footsteps. As the Sabbath commenced at dusk on Friday night, the Jewish people welcomed it with lighting candles to celebrate, and a specially prepared kosher meal to enjoy. ...read more.


(21) Jesus, through the healing of the crippled woman, challenged the Jewish attitude to the Sabbath law as he relieved the woman from her pain on the Sabbath. In the eyes of Jewish leaders, it was seen as a terrible disregard of the Sabbath to work or to do anything, which would have substituted as work, including carrying, and in Jesus' situation, healing. When Jesus came across the woman who had been "bound up for eighteen years", he immediately freed the woman from her disease and said "Woman, you are free of your illness". In fulfilling this miracle on the Sabbath, Jesus was disregarding and ignoring the Sabbath law and therefore he was challenging the Jewish attitude to the Sabbath. Jesus continued to challenge the Jewish attitude to the Sabbath, by asking for an explanation as to why a woman who had been overcome by a painful illness for eighteen years, would be unable to be lawfully freed from it on the Sabbath, when "anyone" ...read more.


By working, Christians are unable to make the worship essential on a Sabbath day, which the Bible has advised, "Remember to keep the Sabbath Holy". With the materialization of the Christian world, it would be natural for Christians to forget the truth behind the Sabbath, and instead of using it for worshipping God with prayer; they are worshipping shops with money. However, although there is a decline in churchgoers on Sundays, Christian churches are still getting great numbers of worshippers attending. Some Christians find that by leaving that special time for Church on the Sabbath, they are still keeping their Sabbath day Holy as they go to Church to have spiritual cleansing. Many Christians still receive Eucharist; cleanse their souls with confessions, and worship together as a family on a Sunday as a way of keeping their Sabbath Holy. I do believe in many respects that this statement is true but with a glance at of how different Christians celebrate their Sabbath, this statement could be disregarded. Word Count: 711 ...read more.

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