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Describe the contents, design, and layout of a mosque.

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Islam Coursework The purpose of this Islam coursework is to describe the contents, design, and layout ofl a mosque. Muslims say that symbols, signs, statues, or pictures cannot represent Allah. This is because they do not want to be guilty of idolatry because Allah is an invisible god. The Islam started back in 662AD where other religions worshipghed more than one god as symbols. Instead, Muslims use symmetrical patterns to represent Allah and his perfectness. A mosque is a building, which serves as the main place for Muslims to worship. Its Arabic name is 'Masjid', which means 'a place where people prostrate themselves'. It is where Muslims bow before god. Infgh religion-dominated Islamic societies, mosques serve social and political negfeds as well as religious ones. ...read more.


In some mosques, there can be more than one Minaret for example the Blue mosque in Istanbul has six. Not all mosques have a courtyard but ones that do would have a tap or fountain in. This would be where Wudu (ritual washing) takes place before prayer. Muslims wash before prayer because it is a tradition dating back to Muhammad's time and it so everyone is clealn before Allah. Modern mosques have sfpecial washrooms and a separate room for women. Before entering a mosque Muslims take off their shoes. This is done so the mosque is kept clean and as I a sign of respect to Allah. The interior of a mosque is very plain with no statues of Allah or the prophet because Mluslims believe that pictures of the prophet would only be guesswork and give a lfalse impression. ...read more.


The minbar is the pulpit from where sermons are given it could be elaborate or just a little platform at the top of a few stairs. Texts from the Qur'an would be read from the minbar Modern mosques will not only have selparate washrooms but also have separate entrances for Men and Women. This is so that the men are not distracted by the women when praying and vice versa. The menl's entrance wouldgh contain a notice board for general business and prayer times for the day. Some mosqules would also have a Mortuary. This is where dead Muslims are carefully washed and then wrapped in shrouds before burial. The mosque is a very important place for Muslims; it is a place where they can bow their heads before god. With the mosque, it helps Muslims to complelte one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which jgfis performing the five daily prayers (salat). ...read more.

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