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Describe the different ways that Jews celebrate Shabbat in the home and Synagogue. Explain how observing the Sabbath every week might affect the life of a Jew

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Michael Matthews R.E. Coursework a) Describe the different ways that Jews celebrate Shabbat in the home and Synagogue. b) Explain how observing the Sabbath every week might affect the life of a Jew c) "It strengthens the Jewish family to share religious ritual in the home.". Do you agree? a) "Keep the Sabbath, my day of rest, because it is a sign between you and me for all time to come, to show that I, the Lord, have made you my own people" ( Exodus 31: 13). The Sabbath day is one of the important days in the Jewish week. It is celebrated every week from Friday evening (sunset), to when the stars appear Saturday evening. They do this because G-d created the world in seven days. This day was known as the Sabbath day. During Friday daytime the house is tidied and the table is laid. It is usually the oldest female member who welcomes in the Sabbath. The first thing that she will do is light two candles, she says a prayer whilst lighting these candles. These prayers are said, and are asking G-d to bless their home. Sometimes there will be a service at the local Synagogue. ...read more.


and one over another cup of wine. The candle is plaited and has six wicks, which represent the six days of work during the week. The candle is put out in the wine. The Sabbath day is now over for another week. Jews hope that it will be thankful. b) Observing the Sabbath day is very important in a Jewish community. It is important to rest from Friday evening to Saturday evening as G-d rested, so must G-d. This may cause complications in life if they do not live in a Jewish community. They may not be able to find Kosher food or the Challot bread. The bread is an important part of the Sabbath because it represents the Manna. The Manna is the food the Israelites used during their journey through the desert. Jews are not allowed to use their vehicles on Shabbat to buy items because they would be breaking the forbidden Melachot. If a Jewish person has a job, attending the Sabbath will have a great impact. They would not be able to work on a Saturday, which would affect their wages. If a Jewish person was appling for a Job and he stated he could not work whilst the Sabbath was on, it might make the employer reconsider accepting them. ...read more.


The good reasons are that sharing rituals in the home will bring the family closer together so they might trust each other more. They would also be spending more time together, which means they can talk about all their current affairs since their last intervention. Another good reason is that if a member of their family has any doubts about their faith, they could talk about it with their family. If they weren't with their family, there could be a possibility that they would not feel close to anyone else. There are also bad points to the statement because their might already be tension between two members, and just as they feel they have sorted the situation, there might become an argument. If they did not attend rituals with their family, then they might have less opportunity to raise that argument. If a person has been asked to attend Shabbat or any other occasion, and they feel that they Don't want to or have been asked to go elsewhere, their family might take it personally. There are good points and bad points for supporting the quote, but i don't think I would agree with the statement because I think it would help build the family relationship. Other people however, might support it. It is just a matter of opinion. ...read more.

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