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Describe the disadvantages faced by Black Americans in the early 1950s.

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Ashley Simon History Coursework 07th July 2002 Coursework Essay 1 Describe the disadvantages faced by Black Americans in the early 1950s. Ever since the 1800s, Black Americans faced discrimination. During the civil war in the north black people were allowed to be soldiers but they had to be in segregated regiments. In the south during the civil war black people were not allowed to be in the army but were forced to help the war effort as labourers. The land given to the freed blacks in the south were ordered to be given back to the white planters by President Andrew Johnson. Blacks had civil rights like voting and education were taken away by the southern government, these are just some of the disadvantages which blacks faced and as you can see the south treated blacks worse in the north. ...read more.


In the 1950's black people in America faced many political problems. One of these was the Jim Crow law, which was still fully enforced in seventeen states, which meant every day facilities such as parks, and schools were segregated. Although it was legal for black people to vote by the 1950's when they tried to register to vote they were threatened with violence, for example only 5% of black people in Mississippi were registered to vote. Black people in America faced legal discrimination in the employment area, black teachers earned 30% less than white teachers in the south. Whites who attacked blacks were acquitted by white juries in court and often helped by police officers, which meant blacks were attacked and treated unfairly by whites and police officers. ...read more.


White people often attacked black people and the white juries acquitted these attackers , this meant they could do this again and again and meant because of the unfair law system blacks lived in fear. From my studies I have found that the legal system throughout the 1800's and part of the 1900's was unfair and discriminated against blacks in many ways. The discrimination in the southern states of America was a lot worse than in the north of America. During the civil war black people were discriminated against in the military forces. One major case of discrimination was when the Jim Crow law was introduced in 1890, which segregated most everyday facilities. I also found that most political problems intensified socal and economic problems. I also found that black people were often paid less than white people with the same job. ...read more.

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