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Describe the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today. Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles in Luke's gospel throughout many different stories

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Sarah Caddle 10B R.S coursework: Christianity through a study of Luke St. Michaels Catholic Grammar School Candidate number: Centre number: 12284 Mr. Moloney A. (I) What is meant by the term 'miracle'? If I were to define the term miracle I would describe it as a gift from God that cannot be explained but is really special. I think the birth of a baby is a miracle because it is a new life and is sacred, but this has been proven not to be a miracle because there is a scientific explanation. Though this is only my opinion of what a miracle is, nearly everyone has their own views on what they would call a miracle. Some people would say that nature is a miracle because the flowers come out and this could be true because there is no scientific way of making a plant or tree. But some people say that heart operations or television are miracles but they have been proven not to be as there is an explanation for them. The dictionary definition of the term miracle is ' something wonderful that has happened, although it does not seem possible'. Although this is a definition it does not define what would be called a miracle and what would not. Miracles do happen but it is hard to know if it was a miracle or just something that you cannot understand but someone else can. Usually when something wonderful happens that people don't understand they say it was a miracle but it may not always be the case. A hundred years ago people probably thought that electricity or aeroplanes were thought of as miracles but today they are fully explained and not thought of as anything to do with God. This shows that what people class as a miracle can change in time. The only person that can perform miracles is God as he has the power and in every miracle he performs it shows how great his power is. ...read more.


Each miracle tells us something about Jesus' life, person and ministry and all contribute to the meaning of Jesus. From Luke's stories they give a strong idea of what Jesus was like. The strongest view they portray of Jesus is how he was a great miracle worker which he then goes on to show in many ways. In Lukes gospel very strong messages about god are sent out and he is portrayed in a certain way. In the miracles that Jesus performs we can see how he has great compassion, care, mercy and forgiveness and these are three very important things. They also show us that God can heal without being there. In the miracles Jesus shows great compassion towards the people through the way he approaches people and how he acts towards them. In some of the stories in Luke Jesus is shown to go out of his way just to heal someone. This is shown in the story called 'Jesus heals a Romans servant'. In this miracle Jesus is approached by Jewish elders sent by the Roman officer to ask Jesus if he would come and heal the Roman's servant who was very dear to him. Jesus went straight away even though the servant did not think he was worthy. 'Neither do I consider myself worthy to come to your presence, the servant said when Jesus entered. Also in the miracles recorded by Luke Jesus is shown to have forgiveness and mercy to many people. In the miracle called 'Jesus heals a paralysed man' Jesus is shown to forgive the man of all his sins. Though in this miracle it is crucial to realise how important having faith is, because Jesus needed to see faith before he could heal. B. Discuss the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today. Healing miracles are very important to Christians life today. This is because as Christians we have to try to live as God wants us to and follow Jesus' examples. ...read more.


This would also be the view of people of some other religions that do not believe in God. Another view that people could take is that the so called healing miracles that happen today have just been changed and spread, but they did not actually happen. Although some people today do believe that healing miracles happen. Lourdes is one of the most famous places were healing miracles have been known to happen. This is a place that has helped many believe in miracles and there has even been scientific proof to show that the occurrences could not be explained. One of the best known miracles that has happened at Lourdes is the case of Gabriel Gargam. He was in a train crash and was paralysed from the waist down, he could not help himself even in the most trifling needs. Two trained nurses were needed day and night to assist him. Nothing seemed to work even prayers but then his mother pleaded with him to go to Lourdes and he did. When he was there he was carried to the miraculous pool and placed in its waters. This had a bad effect and he was pronounced dead. But then when a priest passed carrying the Sacred Host, he pronounced Benediction over the sorrowful group around the covered body and suddenly there was movement. The man then said in a full, strong voice that he wanted to get up. He then got up and was fully cured. This is a miracle that doctors and scientists can not prove happened scientifically. Peoples personal experience in life can influence them to either believe in miracles happening today or not. People that have had a miracle happen to someone in their family or close to them may not have believed in miracles before but now do. Also what each person classes as a miracle is different. Some would see someone recovering from an illness was a miracle even though it could be down to the certain medicine they were given ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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