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Describe the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today?

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Describe the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today? People become sick, they get old and die. Christians believe that this originated from the 'fall' in the garden of Eden. However, Jesus came to take sin and sickness away as well as death. Jesus did this with his resurrection but it still needs to be completed in the future. Christians believe that those who believe in this will share in this future Kingdom. The power that Jesus had to heal sickness and forgive sin was a way of showing what this new Kingdom would be like. Jesus performed many healing miracles and many of them are recorded in Luke. He healed the paralysed man (Luke 5:18-25) and the blind beggar (Luke 18:35-43) as well as the woman with the haemorrhage (Luke 8: 43-48) and Peter's mother-in-law (Luke 4: 38-39). It didn't matter whether they were male or female, rich or poor, Jew or gentile, Jesus healed them all. ...read more.


The church elders are instructed to pray for the sick and lay hands and anoint them. Much of what Christians think about Jesus is based on Faith. Even though the bible records many incidents of miracles and points out instructions on how to follow Jesus, people will interpret things differently. There are some that believe that the healing miracles were only for Jesus' day. However, there are many others that believe that Jesus is the same today as he was yesterday and that he set an example and encourages us to pray for healing. So healing seems to be a matter of Faith. For example many Roman Catholics make pilgrimage to many places around the world where reported physical cures have taken place. One such place is called Lourdes in France. After careful checks by the International Medical Commission in Paris, 58 reported cures have been designated miracles. One example was of a man called Joseph Charpentier. ...read more.


Physical healing may not be in their best interests for many reasons. Jesus may have other ideas about what should happen and perhaps the person will be a better person and serve God's purpose with the sickness or illness. Out of suffering many people develop coping mechanisms and character traits that make them into better people as well as more dependent on God. Christians will always argue about the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus and the relevance for their lives today. It seems from some of the examples that I have mentioned above that spiritual and physical healing are linked. God is the power and source of healing. God expects all Christians to bring every need to Him in prayer and by faith and be confident that God hears the prayer. There may not be any guarantee of a healing for those that believe and have faith but Christians do have a guarantee that God loves them and will act in their best interests. Word Count 836 ...read more.

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