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Describe the layout, design and contents of a Church of England (Anglican) Church.

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a) Describe the layout, design and contents of a Church of England (Anglican) Church. The word "church" can be interpreted in two different ways. The first of which simply means a group of people who are in fellowship, and the second obviously the building itself. However, the building and the group hold different meanings and differing importance with each individual Christian. For example, someone might consider that the church building itself might be their key for their love for God and worship whereas another might find that the building holds little relevance and thus to be in the company of fellow Christians is their priority. The shape of a typical Church of England is that of a cross, one of the main Christian symbols, which is usually the same shape for a Roman Catholic Church. The Church was often found on top of a hill because it would have been the most important building and needed to be easy to see and defend. The interiors of different types of Churches differ. Quaker has a plain interior and will usually have only chairs and a table. Roman Catholic Churches are the most elaborate where there are often several altars, confessional boxes, statues and candles. ...read more.


The font In order to become a member of the Church and Gods house, you must be baptised. The font is used for infant baptisms where the child is blessed with holy water, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The fonts are usually highly decorative made out of marble or stone and are usually placed near a door or an entrance so that the child's spirit is free to enter the congregation. Statues Statues are usually placed around the church they represent the presence of saints. The Organ and Music in the Church Many Christians find that the most effective way in which to praise the Lord is through music. The organ is the most common instrument used in church but also more modern instruments such as guitars, drums and violins are also embraced by the congregation. The Bible The Bible is obviously an important part in any church service. The Bible is found on the Lectern. Readings are usually taken from the Bible in every service. The Book of Common Prayers is also used in the Church of England b) Explain the different forms of worship used in this religion and how these forms may be helpful to different people. ...read more.


c) "There should be one style of worship for all believers". Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to the religion which you are studying in your answer. Personally I do not agree with the statement "There should be one style of worship for all believers", because worship should be a matter of personal choice. Different people prefer different styles depending on their personality and their character. People shouldn't be pressured into the way they worship. Everyone is different and therefore they may like different styles of worship. In my opinion I think it is unfair to tell someone how to worship, because to a religious person, worshipping is part of their everyday life. Christians believe that it is a personal choice to how you want to worship. Christians believe that Sunday should be the main day of worship, but people can still worship God whenever or wherever they wish. Worship is a way for Christians to express what they believe about Jesus Christ. It is important for them to meet regularly with other believers to worship together. Christians do not feel the need to worship in the same way or at a set time. ...read more.

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