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Describe the legal requirements of a valid marriage.

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Describe the legal requirements of a valid marriage. Legal Requirements: If you wish to marry in England and Wales you may do so either by civil or religious ceremony. A civil ceremony can take place at a register office or other premises approved by the local authority for marriages (e.g. hotel, stately home etc.) A religious ceremony can take place at a Church or Chapel of the Church of England or Church of Wales or any other place of worship, which has been formally registered by the Registrar General for marriages. Forbidden Marriages You must not be related to each other in a way that is forbidden by Law for instance blood related relationship or very close relations like sister, brother, mother etc... ...read more.


or Air Force chapel Procedure Civil Ceremony If you wish to marry by civil ceremony, that is at a register office or other approved building for civil marriage, you should first contact the Superintendent Registrar of the district where you wish to marry. Church of England or Church of Wales If you wish to be married in the Church of England or Church of Wales - and generally you will be able to so only if you or your partner live in the parish - you should first speak to the Vicar. If he is able to marry you he will arrange for the Banns to be called on three Sundays before the day of the ceremony or for a common licence to be issued. ...read more.


Superintendent Registrar's certificate without licence This is the most common form of notice and a form giving the couples names and addresses, ages and location of the ceremony will have to be completed together with a declaration that there is no legal objection to the marriage. Residency requirements 1. If both partners reside in the same registration district. Each partner must have lived in that district for at least seven days prior to giving notice to the Superintendent Registrar of that district. Either party may give notice. Superintendent Registrar's certificate and licence 'Special Licence' Licence or 'Special Licence' This requires that one of you has lived in the registration district for at least 15 days prior to giving notice at the register office. Your partner need only be resident of or be physically in England and Wales on the day notice is given. Be ready to provide certain documents to show the Superintendent Registrar these may include a passport or some other ...read more.

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