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Describe the main features of a church.

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ROUGH DRAFT 1 Describe the main features of a church A church is a place of Christian worship. There are many features, which make up a church. They carry great importance in the running of the church and Christian worship. In the following essay I'm going to mention a few things I researched about, as I was unable to attend the trip to the church. The first thing I realised that some Anglican churches are built in a cross shape to represent the resurrection of Jesus the cross is a symbol of Christianity they are also built in a rectangular format. In the church there are many objects and models of things. I'm going to mention what a regular Anglican church includes. Many Anglican churches were built before the reformation so they tend to be traditional and remain in the layout. The following objects are found in a traditional Anglican church. The Altar: is a wooden table and is usually at the front of the church it's meant to be the focal point. It's covered with cloth which changes colour with every season. The altar is where the Eucharist takes place it's the centre point of the church and often has candles and cross-placed on it. There is a high Alter which is found in older and more traditional churches and rarely used except to store consecrated bread in a tabernacle. ...read more.


The church plays a big role in the community. The church organises many events. There is something for everyone the church is an all rounder. Everyone welcome there is no outsider. The church organises clubs like scouts and brownies. These clubs are for young girls and boys. They hold many activities and include simple first aid activities there both fun and educational these are useful as they keep children occupied. The church is also known for organising charities and fundraisers for those who're less fortunate and to provide for the church. The church holds services and bible reading also there is Sunday school for youngsters who want to know more about Christianity. These help boost Christianity and also help children increase their knowledge. During Christmas and Easter meals are made for the homeless and extra services are held so people can come together. There are shelters provided for the homeless and food and compulsory supplies are given to the less fortunate. This helps people get together and spreads kindness. To keep the teenagers happy and out of trouble there's youth clubs. This is where young people can stay and relax without getting in trouble. Many clubs and activities take place. To keep the mothers happy there are mother and toddler groups. This is when all the mum's can get together drink tea and complain about the kids. ...read more.


They would be able to enjoy Christianity together. If a person would not attend the church they wouldn't be able to take part in the sacraments. The sacraments are important in the working of the church and by not attending you may not be fulfilling the tasks of Christianity. To my conclusion I believe it's up to the person weather they want to attend church. Although "a church is built for recognition as a place of worship" it's not necessary to attend church to do this. To most people being a Christian is personal. In the time of Jesus there was no such thing as a church and people still managed to prey. Some people prefer to attend church, as they feel closer to God. But every person has a different relationship with God. I personally favour worshiping at home as I feel more confident and find it easier to prey. So the statement is neither true nor false. Also as God is omnipresent it doesn't matter where you pray or what you do because god will always now your initial thoughts and intentions. Also I would like to add people who attend church aren't always good Christians they may be murders and only attend church one day a week and the rest of the week don't follow Christianity. So hence I believe you can be a good Christian wherever you go as long as your intentions are good. ...read more.

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