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Describe the main features of a specific mosque:

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(i) Describe the main features of a specific mosque: A mosque is the Islamic location of community worship that a Muslim carries out five times a day. Islamically the mosque is referred to a Masjid. 24 The mosque I will be focusing on is the mosque which is located in the city of Mecca. The name of the mosque is called Al-Masjid al-Haram. It is the largest mosque in the world, which surrounds the Kabaa which Muslims turn towards when offering there daily prayers. It is the holy place of Muslims. In the central point of the Masjid, lies a large stone that is represented in a single room with a marble floor called the Kabaa. In Islam the Kabaa is considered to be the holiest building. The Kabaa is made from stones and granite from the hills near Mecca; it is 60 feet long, 60 feet wide and 60 feet high. It is said that the Kabaa was appointed by Allah to be created in the form of the House in Heaven called Baitul Ma'amoor. Allah appointed a similar place on earth and according to the Qur'an; the Kabaa was first built by Adam and then rebuilt by Ibrahim and Isma'il which was then restructured by Mohammed (SAW). In the eastern corner lies the black stone which is fixed in a silver border. The Kabaa is covered by the black curtain known as the Kiswah that is traditionally produced from Egypt. ...read more.


This is a saying of the blessed Prophet as Hadhrat Jabir stated. (Ibn Majah) * The Imam ought to have consideration on behalf of his followers and should not recite long passages or extend the ruku or sajdah disproportionately, as the holy Prophet has said, "When anyone of you come about to lead the Prayer, he should make it short, for the reason that among the followers there may be the sick, the weak or aged people. Yet, when you are offering the Prayer by yourself, you can prolong it as much as you like." (Bukhari, Muslim) * It is extremely disagreeable to assign a sinner, or an immoral person, as Imam. If however a better person is not available, then such a person may be allowed to act as Imam. * The imam should not be a sinner or an immoral person as this is extremely disagreeable. Though, if there is not a high-quality among them, then in this case this may be allowed. * The imam is in charge to see that the rows are made in a straight line as well as the responsibility to make sure that the followers are standing next to one another with no gaps between them. "Verily the Imam is a shield...'' The Holy Prophet further emphasizes this meaning in the following hadith: ''The Imam is like a shelter for whose safety the Muslims should fight and where they should seek protection...'' ...read more.


On the other hand some people may believe that you can be a good Muslim even not attending the mosque a man mar oerirm all required duties at home and still be a goof man with great morals and values. Some believe that you can be 'good' at heart i.e. have a clean heart, perform all the basic rituals of Islam. Such as prayer (salah) , but not attend the mosque , yet still be good practicing Muslims. This is to some extent true. However as mosques are the core points in the religion of Islam it is well known that attending the mosque is important and that it leads to a person becoming a better Muslim, not forgetting it's an obligation for men to pray the obligatory prayer in a mosque. People may use the hadith about the earth being a place of worship as proof that going to the mosque is not obligatory. 'The earth was made as a Masjid for me.' Hence they may believe you can pray at home, at work, or anywhere that is convenient for you. The fact is correct with regards to voluntary/optional prayers but no for obligatory prayers as the prophet (s.a.w) said best place after voluntary salat us your own home except for the obligatory salat. Overall, for a person to become a better Muslim they have to attend the mosque as the environment and atmosphere has a role in their behaviour and inner selves. Therefore, attending the mosque would make one a good Muslim. ...read more.

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