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Describe the main features of a specific place of catholic worship.

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Describe the main features of a specific place of catholic worship There are lots of features of a catholic place of worship; I am going to write about my local church "St Johns" in Buttershaw. A Brief history of my local church: St John's Parish, Butershaw, was founded in 1954 with the appointment of Fr William Bryson, curate at St Mary's, Halifax. Early in 1955 a site was acquired in Cooper Lane and on 8th June 1955 Bishop John Carmel Heenan laid the foundation stone of the new church. In the entrance hall there is a bowl of holy water, when people enter the church, they dip their fingers into the holy water and make the sign of the cross on them selves. In St Johns there is an altar, the altar is shaped like a table and is often covered with a cloth. All the people in the church face the alter during the service. The alter is a symbol of the table used by Jesus at the last supper. Behind the alter there is a crucifix with a figure of Jesus fixed to it, the crucifix is usually quite large so that it is easier for people to see it, the crucifix is symbolic of how Jesus met his Death. There are statues of several people in St Johns, the most prominent is the statue of St John himself, there is also a statue of Our lady, In ...read more.


A priest has many duties to do; he has many people young and old, sick and the healthy. A priest first duty of the day is to celebrate mass at around 8 am, maybe in his parish or at a convent. He has to write letters on a regular basis, they are important because it helps him to keep in contact with his parishioners who for some reason cant meet him. There is a lot of planning a priest must do for his pastoral work. A priest also visits hospitals, where he might be the hospital chaplin, there he makes the effort to see whom needs a ear to talk to or who ever needs a caring hand at their time of need. A priest will also visit schools to give assemblies, talks, etc. Where he can meet the next younger generation. A priest would visit both primary and high schools; he would talk and mingle with students and the teacher's alike listing to problems, guiding them in the direction of the lord. On Certain days a priest would visit the house bound, so they could take communion. A priest has to listen to peoples confessions and keep all what he hears to himself, what a priest hears is completely confidential. Also a priest says prayers for people, for the sick, the dieing, and to remember the dead. ...read more.


But Jesus willingly and freely took that judgment upon himself, and it is by placing our trust in Jesus' death for us that we receive forgiveness and become members of God's family. It is natural that once we are in God's family we would want to meet with other members of the family. The Bible describes the church as a meeting of believers who gather to encourage and build up one another by prayer, hearing the Bible read and taught, using their gifts, and serving one another in love. When this happens church will be a greater positive experience. Those who cant go to church often thing to be a good Christian you need to go to church, the house bound and the people in hospitals quite often think they aren't good Christians because they think to be a good Christian you need to go to church and they are incapable of going to church, but I strongly disagree. Going to church, like the Bible reading, prayer, and acts of kindness, does not produce faith, but is the product of faith. In the four gospels (John, Luke, Matthew, and Mark) and in the history of the early church (the Acts of the Apostles), Jesus so identifies himself with his gathered people that to ignore them, or to fail to love them appropriately is to deny our relationship with him. Christians recognize that while the Christian faith is a personal matter. Word Count: 1'441 Simon Phillips RE 11 Selby Mr. Byrne ...read more.

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