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Describe the main features of a specific place of Christian worship?

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CHRISTIANITY COURESEWORK A i Describe the main features of a specific place of Christian worship? There are many different styles of church building. Some are highly decorated and dominate the landscape. Others are plain, undecorated and simple. The style of church building usually reflects the way in which each denomination chooses to worship. Anglican churches are often built in the shape of a cross, this is called a cruciform. It is a symbol of Christian belief. The central part of the cross shape is known as the nave. Anglican churches have spirals or towers, pointing to the sky. A spire makes the church easier to see. These remind Christians to look up to God. It is a symbol of reaching up to God, and is used to make the building a prominent feature of the community. The most important part of Anglican churches is the Altar, when worshipers face the altar, they are facing east. This is where the sun rises; this is symbolic because of the resurrection of Jesus. The Altar is also where the Eucharist is celebrated; many Christians feel that the altar is the place where Jesus' presence is most deeply felt during the Eucharist. ...read more.


The priest prays for the parish and the ill because they are told to do so in the gospels. They are to be available because many are seeking help, not just physically but when they spiritually ill as well. The priest is ordained to bless- give Gods blessings, Consecrate- to bless and sanctify the Holy Communion. Anoint- this is the sacrament of anointment, holy oils are blessed. The priest is also ordained to console- which is to talk to people, they do this because Jesus done so during his life on earth. The title 'father' which is given to priests signifies a father figure, who has a role of responsibilities, this represents a family and the church is the family. Another role for the priest is to let people know the love of the God, 'God is love', this quote is found in the Gospels. By giving this love, Christians feel welcomed and become a part of the community. Another role and function for the priest is to inspire Christian's values and show how to live a good Christian life. These duties are based on Jesus' teachings, when he said 'I am the good shepherd. ...read more.


They link together, and all Christians are working together to provide a better community. Although this is the principle role of the church, in the lives of Christians, not all churches follow this role. Some act purely for themselves and the church, although a majority act for the whole community. B 'You do not need to go to church to be a good Christian'. Do you agree...? I think that you do not need to go to church to be a good Christian. The reason why is because of many different factors. During the church services, prayers are said to God. Christians believe that praying is very important as you are communicating directly to God. However, you do not need to go to church to be able to pray. Prayers could be said anywhere, especially at home, it is quiet and it is a place where you are most comfortable at. A Christian would say that the church is not just a building but the body of Christ, it is therefore very important. But some people are housebound, so cannot go to church because of difficulties that they have. It is not fair to say that they have to go church, because they possibly can't. The Sermon on the Mount, which is one of the most important summaries of Jesus' moral teaching found in the gospels. ...read more.

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